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Youtube Go

Youtube Go – All You Need To Know Explained Simply

Youtube Go – Mazze udao, data nahin , a new android app built by YouTube filled with some amazing features. In this post I will tell you about Youtube Go app and what is the benifit of downloading this app.

Youtube Go app has been announced by Google but app is yet to launch. The app is very much similar to the YouTube app which you are using currently as far as watching videos are considered. But there are some additional benifits of having this app. They have launched this app to target Indian users.

Let’s talk about the major benifits of YouTube Go app :

  1. Youtube Go app will be data optimised. It means it will be able to run videos on slow networks also. Those people who don’t have access to high speed internet like 3G and 4G can download this app and watch videos on Youtube on their slow 2G connections as well. This feature is similar to the Facebook Lite app which runs of slow internet connections.
  2. Another major advantage of having this app is downloading and sharing. You can very easily take down videos to watch offline. After downloading youtube videos to offline mode, you can share those videos with your friends without using any data. You will be able to send and recieve those offline videos via Wi-Fi direct.
  3. This third feature is what I feel is most useful. Youtube Go will show you a GIF picture in place of a static thumbnail. That GIF picture will give you an idea about the content that is inside the video. This can save your data and time from watching those useless and click bait  videos that don’t provide what their titles promise.

Although you can’t download the Youtube Go app now. But you can Sign up by clicking here and get notified when the app launches.

If you have any questions, please write them down in comments. I wll be happy answering them all. 


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