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YONO By SBI – From Login To Complaints; Everything You Need To Know

YONO by SBI is an attempt to combine Banking and Lifestyle in one app. That’s what they say, YONO: Lifestyle & Banking Dono. Read this post to understand what actually YONO is and what it has to offer. I will also provide my personal review about the app towards the end of this post.

YONO by SBI can be accessed online or as a mobile app. YONO is available on two most popular mobile platforms – Android & iOS.

Download & Use YONO By SBI: Links to YONO Web & Mobile Apps

Website –

Android –

iOS –

If you are an existing SBI e-banking user, you can use those credentials to login. If you login to the mobile app, you will be asked to set a 6-digit m-pin which can be used for faster login later on.

YONO – The Full Form

YONO is an acronym for “You Only Need One”. It means that YONO aggregates various functionalities that usually requires more than one app into one app.

What YONO offers?

SBI’s YONO app has many things to offer when compared to other SBI apps like SBI Anywhere. The app provides services related to these four categories:

  1. Digital Banking
  2. Financial Products
  3. Shop
  4. Book & Order

Apart from offering these services, SBI has integrated a digital assistant called SIA within the app.

Here’s a brief explanation of what the app has to offer in all these categories.

Digital Banking

From opening a new bank account to managing them online. YONO By SBI has much to offer in this category.

You can open your bank account without filling those lengthy forms and frequent branch visits. YONO by SBI can help you open a paperless digital Bank account. You just need your PAN & Aadhaar. However, you will have to make one branch visit for Aadhaar based biometric authentication.

Currently SBI is offering two Digital Bank Accounts through YONO – Digital Savings Account & Insta Savings Account. Compare the features offered by these accounts here.

If you are an existing State Bank Account holder, then you might have used the SBI’s internet banking platform ( YONO offers similar services that onlinesbi provides but with a better user experience.

  • You can check consolidated balance of all your accounts at one place.
  • Get access to interactive charts like Monthly account balance and Spend Analysis.
  • Transfer funds from within your accounts or send money to others.
  • Pay your utility bills or set automatic bill payments.

Financial Products

YONO by SBI gives access to three financial products offered by State Bank of India.

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Insurance
  3. Investments

Credit Cards

Now you can select from a wide variety of SBI Credit Cards and apply for them in few clicks. YONO helps you to choose from a list of cards. If you feel confused, it gives you ‘Simplifier‘.

SBI YONO Simplifier

This tool will suggest you the best card by analysing your annual income and monthly spending on various products/services. When you use this tool you will see a screen like this:


YONO Simplifier Tool - Your needs

Once you set the sliders appropriately and submit, you will be redirected to a page which suggests a credit card best suited for your needs. The page will look like this:

YONO Card Suggestion

Whether you select from a list or use the YONO credit card suggestion tool, both ways you can choose a card that best matches your lifestyle!

Apart from applying for a new card, you can link your existing card and get updates about latest offers and bill payments from YONO By SBI.


Using the SBI YONO application, you can apply for the Life Insurance very conveniently.


With SBI YONO you can link an existing SBICAP securities trading account or create a new account on the go. If you want to invest your money but don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. SBI YONO also provides introductory videos and knowledge resources for learning.


SBI has partnered with various e-commerce websites to provide special deals and cash-back offers for the YONO users. Using YONO by SBI users will be provided with a list of shopping sites. There are offers from sites belonging to various categories like Fashion & Lifestyle, Electronics, Jewellery, Health and many more.

If you visit any of these websites through SBI YONO mobile app or website, you will be entitled for a special offer mentioned within YONO by SBI.

Shopping Offers - YONO

Although YONO integrates shopping experience within the app but this experience will be much different than using a pure e-commerce mobile application. It is like using mobile browser to browse shopping site on your mobile device. Also if you visit YONO website for shopping, it will redirect to one of the e-commerce website where you need to shop and avail the offer.

It is recommended that you always read the offer details before making a purchase.

Book & Order

Similar to Shopping offers, you can get offers from various booking providers if you use SBI YONO app. You can avail deals and discounts on travel websites like Yatra, Hotel and tour bookings like OYO, cab bookings like OLA and much more.

The experience will be similar to using a mobile website but one thing is for sure – You Only Need One app to do it all!

However, there are some apps like UBER that don’t have a mobile website. In such cases you need to have that app installed on your device. YONO will launch that application and you can avail the offer only if you open that app via YONO.

Let’s Talk About SIA

SIA is a digital assistant that is integrated within the YONO By SBI App. It is an AI based chatbot that can reply to frequently asked questions instantly. It also comes with a list of predefined topics that it can answer.


You can ask a question related to the app and related features and expect an answer for it before contacting the customer care.

YONO By SBI Customer Care Number

You can contact on SBI’s toll-free number for any kind of support:

1800 11 1101

Or Contact product specific support on following numbers.

SBI Card18601801290
39020202 (prefix local STD code)
SBI General Insurance1800221111
SBI Life Insurance1800229090
SBI Mutual Fund18004355425
(022) 27786551
(022) 27786501
SBI Rewardz18002098500
(022) 60008500
SBICAP Securities18002098500
(022) 60008500

How to Raise Complaint Related to YONO By SBI

If you want to raise a complaint related to YONO, visit this link and select YONO in “Category of Complaints” dropdown list. Fill up the related details and submit the form.

YONO Complaints

You can also track the status of your complaint here.


Till now we have discussed almost all the features of this app by SBI. YONO attempts to aggregate various functionalities across banking and lifestyle domain into one app. Although they are almost up to the mark for their own domain i.e, Banking. The app provides some pretty cool features like consolidated view of all your SBI accounts with interactive spend analyser.

It is also good to see that YONO By SBI is a good step towards paperless banking.

But I feel that for the lifestyle segment needs to be worked upon as the shopping and booking experience is not up to the mark. There’s a difference between using an app and just browsing a website. That difference is quite noticeable. But overall, YONO is a very good attempt to merge Lifestyle and Banking.

That’s all for this post. Thanks for reading. Do share this post with your friends and also don’t forget to share your YONO experience with us in the comments below.

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