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whatsapp went down

WhatsApp Went Down For Around 40 Minutes In India On New Year 2018

WhatsApp went down suddenly on new year 2018. Users from India were unable to send messages via Whatsapp for around 40 minutes.

On January 1, 2018 while people were busy sending new year wishes to their loved ones. WhatsApp suddenly went down. This lead many users to reinstall the app out of frustration.

This might have happened due to the huge messages that were being circulated over the platform. I was using WhatsApp and it was working fine for me till 12.11 AM. But soon I realized WhatsApp is not responding and started to respond somewhere around at 12.50, I guess.

WhatsApp went down on New Year 2018

Here is a screenshot of the messages that show messages are unable to reach even though on an active 4G network.

Whatsapp not working Whatsapp went down

WhatsAppp Went Down Only In India?


Users across the UK and in countries including Barbados, India, Japan, Panama, South Africa, Spain, and Qatar said they were unable to connect to the WhatsApp. It means WhatsApp went down all over the world on the eve on new year 2018.

So if you were unable to message your loved ones on WhatsApp, it was not you alone. It was the whole globe that was suffering due to WhatsApp outage. Because WhatsApp went down for millions of users on the eve on new year 2018.

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Why WhatsApp Went Down?

Although I can’t tell the exact answer to this question that why WhatsApp went down. But apparently it looks due to new year messages being circulated over it, it might have caused the server crash.

In simple language more people started sending and receiving messages over WhatsApp at the same time. The messages being sent over WhatsApp were more than the expectations of the company. Otherwise they could have pre-planned about handling excess of request as they knew New Year was on the way.

Although this was unexpected what happened to WhatsApp but we wish all of reader a happy new year. May this new year brings you a lots of surprises and unexpected packets of happiness.

Please let us know in the comments below if WhatsApp was down for you too and from which country. Thanks!

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