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WhatsApp Update ; WhatsApp brings Back Old Text Status Feature

WhatsApp brings Back Old Text Status feature in about section. Recently WhatsApp had introduced image status feature which was not liked by many users.

Whatsapp in its latest update has brought back its old text status which was replaced by image, videos or GIF status, similar to snapchat stories.

This image status was criticized by many users because they felt like WhatsApp copying snapchat stories. WhatsApp has been very popular messaging platform and one of the reasons for that was clean and easy to use interface. But this image status made the interface a bit complicated and people did not like it much.

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That’s why WhatsApp has rolled back its old text status but keeping the image status feature intact. This time text status feature could be seen in about section of your WhatsApp account.

Although old text status is back on beta version only for now, but you can soon expect it for every user.

What are your views on WhatsApp’s decision of bringingĀ back its old status feature? Write in the comments section below.

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