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How To Use Someones WhatsApp On Your Android Most Easy Method

If you are looking out for the way to use someones WhatsApp on you android deivce, you are at the right place. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can very easily do so. This method doesn’t require DESKTOP or GOOGLE CHROME. With this method you can connect anyones WhatsApp and use it on your own phone withouy letting them know.

All you need to use someones WhatsApp is the mobile phone of that person. You need the mobile of that person for just 10 seconds.

So let’s start !

  1. Click here to download WhatsWeb app from play store.
  2. After downloading this app, a QR code will appear on your phone screen.
  3. Now take your own Phone.
  4. Open WhatsAapp on your phone.
  5. Click on menu and select WhatsApp Web.
  6. A QR code scanner will appear.
  7. Scan the QR code that is on the phone you want connect and use from your phone.
  8. It’s all done. You have successfully connected that persons Whatsapp to your mobile phone. Now you can use that persons WhatsApp on your own phone.

You have access to all the messages on that persons WhatsApp. Even you can send and recive messages. But here is a safety tip, in case you don’t want that person to know. Read the messages only after when the actual owner have read them. Otherwise he/she may feel something fishy going over their WhatsApp. They can click logout in case they feel any thing suspicious and you may lose control over their WhatsApp.


You can also watch this video on youtube : 

How to use someones WhatsApp on your android (WITHOUT DESKTOP OR CHROME) 


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