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use reliance jio sim in 3g mobile phone

How To Use Reliance Jio Sim In 3G Mobile Phone – Only Working Method

Here is the official and 100% working method to use reliance jio sim in 3G mobile phone. This the best solution to use jio sim in any 2G / 3G mobile. 

Hello friends!

I get a lot of questions about Reliance Jio. Here are some of the most common among them.

Reliance jio on 3g phone ?

Can I use a reliance jio 4G sim in a 3G Phone ?

How to use jio 4G sim in 3G mobile ?

Will a 4G sim work in a 3G mobile phone ?

Can 3G phone be upgraded to 4G ?

How to make a 3G phone 4G ?

If you also have any of these questions in your mind. In this post I will give an answer to all these questions.

You might have googled a lot about how to use reliance jio sim in 3G mobile phone.

If yes!

You might have definitely came across many tricks that claim to make jio 4G sim work on 3G mobiles. Even many videos on YouTube have proofs added to same.

But then why are you still not able to use a reliance 4G sim in a 3G mobile. Even many people are searching about converting a 3G mobile into 4G.

Not be surprised. Yes they are able to find many solutions online.

But do they work?

I would say “may be”. Because none of them worked for me. Although I can’t pass a verdict whether is possible to convert a 3G phone into 4G.

But in this post before I tell you a legit and geniune way to use jio 4G sim in a 3G mobile, this is what I have to say.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.


Not everything present on internet is 100% true.

You might have searched a lot about using reliance jio 4G sim in 3G mobile. But why couldn’t you find a solution that works?

Here is why you might be unable use those tricks claiming to covert 3G phone to 4G.

Keep Reading !

I have true and 100% working method to use reliance jio sim in 3g mobile phone. But note that this is not any trick. It is the legal and legit way to do so. This way is safe for your mobile phone. Some of tricks available on internet may result in bricking of your smartphone and render it useless.

Beware of such tricks !

Even many people are asking to download some apps. This way you can convert your 3G phone to 4G and use reliance jio sim card.

It is not possible to change a mobile phone software untill hardware allows us to do so. Using jio sim card on 3G mobile is only possible when it is LTE enabled which is very rare. Most 3G mobiles don’t have LTE. But some 3G mobiles might have a support for modify the network to LTE.

This change is not possible for every 3G mobile. So it is better not to harm your mobile phone by following any inauthentic tricks. Here I will share with a simple and genuine solution. This method is the only official and safe way to use reliance jio sim card in any 3G or 2G mobile phone.

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How To Use Reliance Jio Sim In 3G Mobile Phone

  • Buy  a reliance JioFi device.
  • Insert your Jio sim in the device.
  • Start your JioFi.
  • Scan JioFi signal by enabling WiFi on your 3G mobile.
  • Connect to the device.
  • Download My Jio app.
  • Register with the same sim card number that is in JioFi device.

That is it!

You have successfully done what you intended. Now you can use easily  your Jio sim card on 3G devices. If you have any questions, ask them in comments below. I will reply as soon as possible.

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