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UPI based BHIM make aadhaar payments

How To Use BHIM App For Making Payments Using Aadhaar

Now you can use your aadhaar number to send money using BHIM app. Govt. has integrated Aadhaar payment feature in BHIM app. Here’s all you need to know about this new feature. Also know how to use BHIM app for making Payments Using Aadhaar.

BHIM app has got a new feature. Now BHIM app users can pay money using Aadhar.

The Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) with this new feature can make payments by simply entering the 12-digit aadhaar number.

Also it may be noted that this payment method using aadhaar won’t require any biometric authentication or prior registration with the bank or Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

In India, one-third of the population already has an Aadhaar card and this feature can prove to be much helpful to promote cashless economy. UIDAI, in association with various banks introduced this Aadhaar Payment in BHIM app.

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Aadhaar Feature in BHIM app – How is it helpful?

Earlier if you wanted to send money using BHIM app, you needed to enter the mobile phone number or the recipient address of the receiver. This required the recipient to be registered with United Payment Interface (UPI).

There is an alternate method of payment which requires user to enter the Bank account number and IFSC code to send the payment. Although this method doesn’t require the recipient to be associated with UPI but the method is quite hectic and cumbersome.

Here comes the usefulness of Aadhaar number feature in BHIM app. To send money to a person whose Aadhaar number is linked to his/her bank account, you just need to enter his/her aadhaar number in the BHIM app and the amount you need to send. The money will directly transferred to his/her bank account.

How to send money using Aadhaar number from BHIM app

If you have been using BHIM app for sometime you must know that you just need to enter the mobile phone number or the virtual payment address of the recipient to send money.

You can send money similarly but now you will get another option to send money using Aadhaar number instead of phone number or the VPA. The payment will be sent to recipient’s Aadhaar linked bank account even if he/she doesn’t have BHIM app installed or registered with UPI.

  • Login to your BHIM app
  • Tap on Send Money
  • Click on Over Flow Menu (3 dots on top right corner)
  • Select Aadhaar Pay
  • Enter Aadhaar number of the recipient
  • Now enter your pin & Confirm the transaction

That’s all!

Money will be sent to aadhaar linked banked account of the recipient.

So, what do you think about this BHIM app Aadhaar Integration. Do let us know in the comments below. If you still have doubts about how this new feature in BHIM app, let us know in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “How To Use BHIM App For Making Payments Using Aadhaar

  1. I followed all the steps given in your article, but the transfer fails with error message “Transaction declined by beneficiary Bank”. And yes, I’ve updated aadhar number via netbanking for both accounts. The amount is deducted from and refunded back to my account.

    I’ve raised a bug on the BHIM bug database as well, but I’d really like to know why the transaction is failing.

    Is it that the bank is not playing ball or some other reason I can fix (like need to register/enable aadhar payments to /from my account or beneficiary account).

    1. This may happen if you are using some other UPI app (like PhonePe) with a different mPin set. You can try resetting your mPin using BHIM app.

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