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UPI Based BHIM app Ranks at top

BHIM App -UPI Based BHIM Ranks No.1 In Google Play Top Charts

UPI Based BHIM App for cashless payments that was recently launched by PM Modi ranks at No.1 in Google Play Store Top Charts.


Recently an android app was launched by PM Modi to promote digital payments. This is a UPI based android app which allows to make cashless transactions very quick.

PM Modi launched UPI based BHIM on 30th december 2016 at a Digi Dhan Mela in New Delhi.

Soon after BHIM app was launched, people started searching for it on google play store.This UPI based BHIM app is now ranking first in the google play.

It simply means that this UPI based BHIM was downloaded by many users in a very short span of time.

UPI Based BHIM App – A Quick Overview

BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money. It is a mobile application which makes cashless transactions much easier. To start using BHIM users just need a mobile number registered with their bank.

After installing the application and registering using the same mobile number, the app automatically fetches the users bank details.

Since BHIM is based on UPI (Unified Payments Interface) it makes money transfer between various banks much simpler. Users don’t need to remember or enter lengthly details like bank accounts or IFSC codes.

To understand the simplicity of this app, let’s consider that I want to send an amount of Rs. 500 to my friend. Assume that both of us are using UPI based BHIM app and our banks are compatible with UPI.

To make this transfer I need to just need to enter my friend’s mobile number or private UPI address (which is usually <mobile_number>@upi eg, 9999999999@upi) and the amount (500 in this case). After entering these, I need to tap on send button. 

Done! This is what it takes to send money using UPI based BHIM  app!


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