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UC News Earn Rs 5000 Love Fund

UC News Earn Rs 5000 Love Fund on Valentines day – Is It True Or Fake?

UC News Earn Rs 5000 Love Fund by referring your friends. If you want to know about new UC news app offer that lets you earn Rs 5000, here is all you should know.

UC news app has come up with an amazing refer and earn program. This refer and earn program can let you win Rs 5000 directly in your bank account.

You can earn Rs 5000 on UC news between 13 February 2017 – 19 February, 2017 23:59:59 (IST) 

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How to Refer and Earn Rs 5000 on UC news app

  • Download the UC news app by clicking here.
  • Open the app & You will See a Banner “Win Rs 5000”, Click on that banner.
  • Enter referral code: 10443700.
  • Now you have to complete your Journey of 7500 km to claim Rs 5000 in bank account.
  • Now share your refer code with your friends & family members to reach milestone of 10000 km.
  • More friends to enter the contest using your code, more close you will reach to Rs 5000 milestone.

UC News Earn Rs 5000 Fake or True?

Yes! UC news earn Rs 5000 is a genuine & true referral program. But the question is that can anybody earn Rs 5000 from UC news app?


A true and honest answer would be no. Not everyone  can earn Rs 5000 from UC news app. Here is why.

To earn Rs 5000 from UC news app, you need to have a lots of friends/fan following which is normally not the case with the most of us, unless anyone is very influential with high fan following on social media.

Most of us have two to three close friends that somehow agree to download from any referral programs. In extreme cases number may be upto 10 or even let’s assume you refer even 20 friends somehow. This won’t work because I tried it personally not even after referring more than 40 friends I couldn’t reach the milestone to earn Rs 5000 on UC news app.

So, if you don’t have enough friends, I would suggest not to try this referral program. They end up having more users and you will end up having nothing.

Now if you are a type of person with high influence or having high fan following, just register for the contest now and share your refer code.

High chances of you earning Rs 5000 cash to your bank are there. So just try your luck and read the last part to know how to participate and claim your Rs 5000 in UC news app now.

That’s all you have to do to earn Rs 5000 from UC news app. UC News Earn Rs 5000 program is a very simple referral program but needs a lots of friends whom you can refer to join other wise as  per my previous experience referring a few friends won’t work. 

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    1. It’s not fake buy yes it becomes hard to earn more towards the end. That’s what we tried to convey in this post. Thanks for your feedback!

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