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trick to buy realme 2 in a flash sale

Trick To Buy Realme 2 In A Flash Sale On Flipkart

In this blog post I will show you an awesome trick to buy Realme 2 in a flash sale on flipkart. Using this flash sale trick, you can also buy other smartphones available on Flipkart via flash sales.

There are so many flash sale tricks & app available on internet. You might have googled about tricks to buy redmi phones in flash sales and ended up installing some random android apps and chrome extensions that do usually don’t work.

But finally you are a blog post away to get hands on your favorite device. This post will tell you in detail how you can buy any redmi smartphone or realme 2 in flipkart flash sale.

Here is the long story short!

One on my friend always wanted to buy redmi note 5 pro in flash sales on flipkart but after failing multiple times. I did a little research on how flipkart flash sales work.


You will be amazed to know that flipkart is fooling us most of the times. But we took in our hands to get through the situation and successfully buy redmi smartphone in flipkart flash sale.

For this we built a chrome extension that really works on any flash sales on flipkart.

Trick To Buy RealMe 2 In A Flash Sale


Let’s get started.

To buy RealMe 2 in a flash sale on Flipkart, Install the chrome extension called FlashSale Magic from chrome web store. Or click here to visit the page directly.

Here is how this flash sale extension / trick works.

  • First of all you have to visit (Make sure you do it 5 minutes before the flash sale).
  • Login (if not logged in) – login is necessary.
  • Go to the product page of the product you wish to buy.
  • Activate the plugin. At 11:58 A.M, after activating the plugin, you will see a blue button saying
    “Start the Magic“, tap on that.
  • The Flash Sale Magic extension will start the process to order the product and will send you to ‘Checkout’ page once it adds the product to your cart.
  • Select your delivery address, payment method and you are done ?.

Trick To Buy RealMe 2 In A Flash Sale  – VIDEO PROOF

Here is video proof of this flash sale extension that I used to buy a smartphone in a flash sale on Flipkart.


Story In Short

Shopping on flipkart flash sales is very tedious task. Most of the worth having smartphones are sold via flash sales on e-commerce platforms like flipkart & amazon. Unfortunately most the time stock runs out even before you are able to add products to your cart. This extension automates the process and takes you to the payment page once sales starts.

Thanks! Hope it helps. Please don’t forget to comment your review after using the extension. If you to  too have any trick to buy RealMe 2 in a flash sale, please share with us in the comments section below.

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