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Flash Sale Magic

Flash Sale Magic – Ultimate Trick to Buy Redmi 6 in Flash Sale

It’s difficult to buy Xiaomi phones in a flash sale. Redmi 6 is going on a flash sale tomorrow at 12 noon. What if I give you a trick that increase your chances of grabbing the flash sale deal manifold – we call it Flash Sale Magic.

Flash sale is a new trend these days. Popularised by Xiaomi, and followed by other mobile phone brands, this method of marketing is already a hit in India. But most of us are unable to buy our desired phone in a flash sale. This is due to high demand and a very limited supply of these mobile phones.

Today, we have come up with a tool which will help you automate the process of buying a mobile phone in flash sale. Introducing the “Flash Sale Magic”, a chrome extension which helps you to buy any product that is offered in a flash sale.

Although, this product is still in its beta mode, we have decided to give it out for try to get the feedback from the users which will help us to improve this product in future.

So, how can you download and use “Flash Sale Magic” extension? Read to know more.


Flash Sale Magic is a Chrome Extension that can be used to book products during a flash Sale. The extension is still under testing and will be soon published in Chrome Web Store.


Currently we are inviting users to test this plugin and give feedback and suggestions, if any.

How to download and install this plugin

  1. Download Flash Sale Magic” extension. You have to download the extension using the given link as it’s not available in Chrome Web Store.
  2. Extract the downloaded file at any location on your PC/laptop and you will get a folder named ‘FlashSaleMagic-master’.
  3. Open Google Chrome browser.
  4. Open the settings menu by clicking 3 dots at the top right corner of browser.
  5. Go to More Tools > Extensions.
  6. Turn on the Developer Mode (use the toggle switch at top right corner).
  7. Tap on “Load unpacked” button.
  8. Select the folder you earlier extracted from the zip file (FlashSaleMagic-master).

How to use Flash Sale Magic Extension

  1. Visit 5 minutes before the flash sale.
  2. Login (if not logged in) – login is necessary.
  3. Go to the product page of the product you wish to buy.
  4. Since, most of the flash sales are at 12 noon. Flash Sale Magic plugin works only at 11:58 A.M.
  5. Around 11:58 A.M, while being on the product page click on the Flash sale magic icon (which looks like a magic wand) besides your address bar.
  6. You will see a blue button saying “Start the Magic“, tap on that.
  7. The Flash Sale Magic extension will start the process to order the product and will send you to ‘Checkout’ page once it adds the product to your cart.
  8. Select your delivery address, payment method and you are done 🙂

A word of caution

Since, this is the beta version of this extension, it may have some bugs or limitations which will be improved over time. Any kind of feedback or suggestion is welcomed.

We hope this extension makes your flash sale experience really magical!

To stay informed about any further developments on this extension, you can bookmark this page or follow us on Facebook for regular updates.

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