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Best Custom ROMs for android in 2017

Top 10 Best Custom ROMs for Android in 2017

Tired of using boring Stock ROM? Want to try some new custom ROMs? In this post I have compiled a list of the best custom ROMs for Android in 2017.

Would you like your Android phone to deliver better performance and a more attractive interface? If you are also interested in quicker response times and improved updates, you might just be yearning for a new custom ROM for your Android.

Your smartphone always comes with its own stock ROM (read-only memory) or the system Android operating system. But if you want to enjoy the benefits mentioned above, you will eventually want to replace it with a custom ROM. In order to do this, you need to pick a custom ROM and have your Android device rooted. Other than that, unleashing the benefits of custom ROMs is super straightforward.

Best Custom ROMs for Android in 2017

1.Paranoid ROM

Paranoid is a solid choice for a custom ROM. It has plenty of cool features, which are not available in some of the other ROMs on the list. In addition, Paranoid claims to be the fast ROM around and it undoubtedly is super fast. The system also provides you with the ability to customise the navigation and status bars – something most Android users would love to do.


For those looking for a laugh, the PAC-ROM is funny and highly efficient ROM to consider. It’s inspired by the old PAC-MAN game so you can understand it will have plenty of fun, retro elements to it in terms of the design. The ROM also has plenty of customisation options and you can use it on every Android phone. But more importantly, if you loved PAC-Man, you need this ROM into your life.

3. MIUI Custom ROM

If you are looking for something completely different, then consider updating your phone with MIUI Custom ROM. The ROM is actually developed by phone maker Xiaomi and it combines the experiences of both Android and iOS operating systems. Xiaomi phones naturally have this ROM installed in them, but you can get hold of it and add it to another Android device as well. The great thing about this particular ROM is how it allows you to access multiple accounts on popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

4.Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is popular ROM and mainly thanks to its stability. The ROM has readily available updates and it keeps operating without much trouble on most phones. It has plenty of customisation options and different themes to try.You can find this ROM for most Android devices and use it to add a bit of personality to your smartphone.

5. CyanogenMod Custom ROM

CyanogenMod tends to be among the most recommended ROM in terms of customisation, even though the ROM is actually coming to the end of its lifespan. Nonetheless, it’s rather quick to use and implement and it will optimise the functionality of your phone efficiently. The CyanogenMod also benefits from getting an update every time a new Android OS comes out. With the ROM, you’ll enjoy privacy guard, CPU overclocking and theme support. The ROM is also available on most current Android phones.

6. Dirty Unicorn

You might not get your hands on CyanogenMod any longer and if you are looking for something similar, there are a few options. If you like the way CyanogenMod looks, then you might like Dirty Unicorn. One of the best features in this ROM is the battery backup. You don’t need to root your device with this ROM on –making it super efficient to use. There is also a special ‘Dirty Tweak’ option, which allows plenty of customisation in terms of icons and the toolbar.

7. OmniROM

Another similar ROM to CyanogenMod is the OmniROM, which is actually developed by the ex-developers of CyanogenMod. The ROM has plenty of quirky features such as weather services, DSP manager and even an improved version of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. However, it can be a bit tricky to work your way around it so it suits experienced and advanced users best.


For those looking for something highly reliable and customisable, the AOKP-ROM is worth looking into. The ROM allows you add custom toggles, better control your permissions and even improve the use of LED controls on the phone. It’s easy and efficient; certainly, one of the best custom ROMs for android in 2017 you can find for your Android phone.

9. Carbon ROM

Carbon ROM’s interface is one of the best custom ROMs for Android in 2017 on the list and it can provide your phone with a less Android-like appearance. It is also good at compressing your files and ensuring you pack more into your phone.

10. XenonHD

XenonHD is a lightweight ROM and often referred to as the Lollipop base ROM. The ROM comes with a base player that allows you to customise the themes and filter notifications as well as access. It’s definitely not a feature heavy ROM but can be a great way to add a bit of tweaking to your phone. In addition, the XenonHD ROM is stable.

Remember that in order to unlock the following ROMs, you need an Android device that’s rooted. It the device is not rooted, you won’t be able to install and us the above 10 custom ROMs. If you are looking for good Android phones, you should check out your options based on what you want from the phone and whether you have a particular ROM you want to use. To make your Android software and device purchase a bit more affordable use discount code from OZCodes which has a large number of technology retailers.

Now it’s just time to pick your favourite and give your Android phone an update. Hope this list of top 10 Best Custom ROMs for Android in 2017 was useful.

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