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Snippets have exhausted

Snippets Have Exhausted – Digitize India Platform Problem!

Snippets have exhausted – this is the only message which you see when you try to login to Digitize India Platform.

A long time back, we wrote an article, How To Earn Money From Digitize India Platform. This article generated a lots of views and with more and more views our comments and inbox started flooding with the questions related to this platform.

We decided to write another post, How Much Can You Earn From Digitize India Platform And Similar Questions Answered. This post talked about the “Snippets have exhausted” problem, which was not a big issue at that time. Some people experienced the issue so it was easy for us to assume that the problem was caused due to growing number of users.

But, gradually all the messages and comments about DIP turned out to be about this problem – “Snippets have exhausted”. So, we really tried to figure out what was actually wrong.

We started to examine DIP ourselves and we also encountered the same problem. Tried to call the toll-free number which doesn’t work, tried to generate support tickets which never got any response.

Tired of using these methods, we sent out some e-mails and Facebook messages but nothing could bring back the answer to our question – “Why are we getting Snippets have exhausted message on DIP?”

But it was important to keep our readers satisfied, so we decided to file a public grievance with Government of India. We filed a public grievance online.

Here’s the complete text of the grievance we filed under registration number MINIT/E/2017/00701

“This is regarding the “Digitize India Platform”. From past few months, there are no snippets available on the website and the users are not able to continue the work. Moreover they are not able to know the actual reason behind this. I have tried calling the toll-free number given on the website which unfortunately doesn’t work, support tickets get no response. I even tried to send some emails and Facebook messages here and there but all in vain.

I would like to know the exact reason behind this issue. I don’t want the DIP users to waste their valuable time waiting for the snippets to be available.
I hope this issue gets resolved soon.

Thank You.”

This time we are hopeful that we get some response. Once we get any kind of response we will update this page to let you know.

We did this for you, our beloved readers and we hope to get some support in response. Show your support by your comments and shares on this post. You can also comment your feedback and experience of using DIP with us in the comments below.

Zaid Moharkan

Tech Enthusiast, Programmer and a Computer Science Student. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. This is Simple typing/data entry work. and Snippets Have Exhausted – Digitize India Platform Problem! plz solve this problem.

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