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Deliver Cash By Snapdeal

Snapdeal to Deliver Cash At Your Doorstep

Ever since the demonetisation of ₹1000 and ₹500 notes, country has been facing severe cash crunch. ATM’s have since then witnessed long queues. Most of them are even out of cash! To ease out this difficulty a bit, Snapdeal has launched a cash delivery service. Now Snapdeal will ‘deliver cash‘ at your doorstep at a very small charge of ₹1 as convenience fee.

Customers can pay ₹1 convenience fee using debit card or Freecharge at the time of placing the order. This cash delivery service is currently available in Gurugram and Bengaluru but soon they will roll out this service in other big cities.

How does Snapdeal Cash@Home service work? How does Snapdeal Deliver Cash?

  1. Install the Snapdeal app.
  2. The app uses your location data to check if there is cash available in your area.
  3. According to Snapdeal, if cash if available, you’ll get a push notification and an SMS notification, taking you to the order page.
  4. The user books cash on the Snapdeal. Please note that there is a limit of ₹2000 per booking.
  5. Pay the convenience fee of ₹1 online using card or Freecharge.
  6. The cash will be delivered to you at your doorstep.
  7. You need to pay the delivery man by swiping your card on the POS machine they carry.
  8. Once you pay, you will get your ₹2000 note at your doorstep! Forget the ATM Queues!

Snapdeal’s co-founder, Rohit Bansal said, “As the country transitions to a more digitally enabled economy, we’ve launched a series of timely initiatives – from wallet and card on delivery, to extending FreeCharge partnerships to smoothen this transition. The launch of the cash on demand service is intended to further help our consumers tide over any cash crunch.”

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