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SBI Digi Bank

SBI Digi Bank – Branchless Banking Using Aadhaar To Be launched By SBI

State Bank Of India will be soon launching SBI DIGI BANK. This digital bank by SBI will use Aadhaar of customers to provide them many services online.

SBI which is one of the biggest bank in India will be soon launching its own digital bank to simplify transactions online.

State bank of India may launch an app called SBI Digi Bank. This app will allow users to fulfil many banking needs from the comfort of their home.

Customers can enjoy banking services without visiting the branch. That is why this digital banking system could be called branchless banking.

SBI digi bank – branchless banking will enable users to make transactions online using their internet connected smartphone using an app.

This is another great move towards digitizing india. In India digital revolution is taking place. This could be India’s very big transformation of economy which will lead from cash to cashless society.

Although cashless transactions have been seen growing in India ever since demonetization. But this SBI digi bank may get a lots of other customers onboard to the digital ways of transaction and banking.

About SBI Digi Bank

SBI Digi Bank is a digital platform where there will be no interaction between bank employe and customer. All transactions will be done with help of apps, internet banking and mobile banking.

SBI digi bank will be an omni-channel, omni-device digital bank which will be available to both new and existing customers.

The digital-only bank, from State bank of India will be device-agnostic, will use the Aadhaar infrastructure for not only onboard customers but also provide them different services online.

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How SBI Digi Bank Will Work?

SBI digital bank will use aadhaar information of an individual to make transactions online. An app called SBI digi bank will have to be installed on your smartphone. Using this digital banking app, customers would be able to transact online.

This SBI digital bank would be connected to aadhaar of the individual that is already connected to his acoount. This way when where customer makes any payments amount will be debited from the customer’s bank account.

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How do you feel about this SBI digital banking system supported by aadhaar. Are you excited to see SBI Digi Bank simplifying the banking needs? Let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “SBI Digi Bank – Branchless Banking Using Aadhaar To Be launched By SBI

  1. Digital bank from SBI is good thinking but if hackers withdraw our amount from account…..ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CYBER CRIME AND CAN YOU REFUND THE AMOUNT….

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