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revoke whatsapp messages

How To Revoke WhatsApp Messages On Android – Delete Sent WhatsApp Message

Now WhatsApp users can revoke WhatsApp Messages.WhatsApp now allow users delete sent messages. Here is how to revoke WhatsApp Messages.

One of the highly awaited feature has been added in WhatsApp. This feature is called REVOKE. They call it by name “delete for everyone”

As name the revoke suggests you can recall WhatsApp messages. This means WhatsApp users can delete whatsapp message even after message is sent to someone.

Whatsapp now allows its users to delete sent whatsapp messages even after they are delivered to the recipient.

How To Revoke WhatsApp Messages On Android

Just follow the steps below to revoke WhatsApp Messages on android.

  • Long tap on the message you want to delete
  • Click on Delete icon
  • Select Delete for everyone
  • That’s it! You have deleted the message

You can revoke WhatsApp messages this way easily. But in case you want to delete sent WhatsApp messages, make sure you delete them in the first 7 minutes. Otherwise messages which are older than 7  minutes cannot be deleted.

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About Message Revoke Feature/Delete for Everyone

Recalling messages means un-sending sent messages. This message-revoke feature is not  new to smartphone apps. This feature already existed in Instagram and Gmail.

This revoke feature has been given a name called Delete For Everyone by WhatsApp.

This feature might come handy at times. Like you send a wrong text to a wrong person. It can literally save you from many moments of embarrassment in case you send a message for a friend to a family member.

You know what I mean! ?

Can You Read Deleted WhatsApp Message?

If someone sends you message and then deletes it for everyone. You will not be able to see it if he does it within first 7 minutes.

This is What company claims!


Let me add here. There is always a way. And this time soon after WhatsApp added this amazing feature in their app where they claimed messages deleted within 7 minutes will not be readable for the recipient.

An application named Notification History came into popularity. This app is available for download in Playstore. If someone sends a wrong text to you and deletes it later. You will be able to record that message using this app and read that message even if sender has deleted it for everyone.

I don’t know how long this app may work. But for now while I am writing this post, app works fine to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about new Revoke WhatsApp Messages feature. Stay connected for more updates.

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