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Reliance Jio To Roll out VoLTE enabled Feature Phones Starting at Rs 999

According to various reports Reliance Jio is going to launch VoLTE enabled feature phones which will cost between Rs 999 and Rs 1500.

A leaked image of Jio cheapest VoLTE enabled feature phone has hit the internet. This could be very rumored JIO LYF EASY mobile that is making rounds on internet from more than a month now.

Here is the latest image that has been leaked on the internet and was published on

Although is not official but still this leaked image of jio mobile phone could be the same phone which is rumored to be launched at just Rs 999. This feature phone will have VoLTE support to run your Jio sim card. It appears from the image that this phone is simple keypad mobile with some dedicated keys for quick access to Jio apps.

Reliacne Jio has already made last year an exciting one. Now this year Reliance Jio is going to surprise us again with something really cheap.


They are likely to launch VoLTE enabled feature phones with Jio sim support. Reports suggest that Reliance Jio may launch VoLTE enabled feature phones which will cost between Rs 999 and Rs 1500.

The basic handset will cost Rs 999. Isn’t that amazing? There were many claims made last year to provide worlds cheapest smartphone but not all of them were upto the stand.

This time, we can expect the world’s cheapest 4G mobile phone. Because if they can give us free 4G data for such long period, providing a Rs 999 phone won’t be a big deal for them.

Jio LYF Easy – Relaince Jio Rs 999 Mobile Phone?

There are a lots of rumours on the interent that Jio LYF Easy will be the Rs 999 phone by Reliance Jio. Although there is no official confirmation on that but anticipations are being made that the worlds cheapest VoLTE phone will be called Jio LYF Easy.

Who cares..!

Whatever they name it. It is not what people are interested in. Everyone is looking to see how the worlds cheapest 4G phone will look like.

It is obvious that people are eagerly waiting for this smartphone. May be because Reliance Jio gave us so much to remember. Many 2G users jumped to 4G networks just beacause of Reliance Jio.

Reliance Jio was our favourite telecom operator last year. Although many of us faced call drop issues but we still managed through. Unlimited 4G data was enough to overcome those small technical snags.

But how will this Rs 999 phone look like? Some anticipations suggest it will be the worlds cheapest smartphone. On the other hand many experts say that this Reliance Jio Rs 999 phone will be a keypad based feature phone.

Rs 999 phone is likely going to be a simple keypad device with Jio sim support. This will be an alternate to those who are not able to afford even low range 4G devices.

Worlds Cheapest VoLTE enabled 4G phone Price

Reliance Jio is likely to launch a couple of handsets this year. Reports suggest that the basic handset may be priced at Rs 999 and other models at a higher rates according to advancing of features and specifications.

Rumours say LYF Jio Easy will be the basic mobile with 4G support and will be priced at Rs 999. For more authentic updates on this worlds cheapest smartphone you can subscribe us on WhatsApp and get continuous updates when and where you can buy Rs 999 VoLTE mobile from Reliance Jio. ALSO READ: How to use Reliance Jio Sim in 3G/2G Smartphones.

Reliance Jio Rs 999 Mobile Phone Features & Specifications

Nothing is official yet about the features and specifications but here is what we think world’s cheapest smartphone would look like and what specs we can expect:

You might have seen those keypad feature phone that once we used or our parents in past. Small and handy phones with some buttons for quick use.

They were durable & cheap. Something similar is what Reliance Jio is likely to give us as the world’s cheapest mobile phone. At least you can fearlessly drop your phone with very less chances of getting the screen cracked.

That crack sound gives a mini heart attack when our costly smartphones face it. But this will not happen in this case. Because of the durability and the cheapness of the device you can use it without any fear of damage and those costly repairs.

Expected Specs

This Rs 999 mobile phone from reliance Jio is likely to sport a small display with buttons. Also this phone will have both front and back camera with ability to take decent pictures. Note that you can’t expect any high-resolution cameras at the price of Rs 999.

Worlds cheapest 4G phone will come up with all the necessary functions like bluetooth, radio and even this time you may see this feature phone as WiFi enabled to connect and use internet using hotspots.

Rs 999 phone  will give a battery with around 1600 mAh which will give a good talk time and stand by for the mobile phone users.

Most important and the reason for everyone to buy this smartphone is the capability of accepting Jio sim card which is not yet present in any keypad feature phone.

These feature phones are expected to run full suite of Reliance Jio apps including Jio Money for cashless transactions. If that is the case, many people would prefer to upgrade their feature phones who were reluctant to use a touch based smartphone. This may also increase the rate of cashless payment option adoption in India.

First Telecom, Now Mobile Industry, What Next?

After Reliance Jio gave a tough competition to its telecom rivals, Jio is all set to make it shake the mobile phone industry. Relaince Jio will launch the cheapest phone with 4G VoLTE support. This will be an affordable handset and can meet the financial budget of those unable to purchase high range VoLTE enabled phones.

Even lowest VoLTE enabled handset in the market costs anywhere around Rs 3000. But this Rs 999 4G enabled handset from reliance Jio is going to change the face of the game.

Be it the increase in competition in the telecom industry or the mobile industry, consumers are ultimately benefited. Like we saw some exciting plans by various telecom companies, this announcement may be followed by price slashes in mobile phones as well. Whatever be the case, let’s enjoy the benefits!

Tell us in the comments below if you are excited to buy Reliance Jio Rs 999 mobile phone.G 

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