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Has Reliance Jio Speed Problem Increased? Here’s The Proof

There was a time when we first experienced the Jio. Unbelievable speeds! I remember those days when the 4G speeds were high as 50 – 60 Mbps. These were the days of Jio Preview Offer. But currently, in Jio New Year Offer, the speeds are hardly 5 Mbps. Has Reliance Jio Speed Problem Increased?

Just ask this question to any random person using Reliance Jio – You will easily find one (There are 100 million such people!). The obvious answer would be Yes, Speeds are dropping day by day. And most of them will give a similar reply – What else you expect for free!

Now even statistics show that the Reliance Jio Speeds are dropping. Comparing the Reliance Jio 4G speeds with other major telecom operators, it is evident that every operator has seen an increase in speed except Reliance Jio.

Data published by TRAI on their official website reveals the speeds of all the major operators like Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance Jio and others for the month of January.

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Airtel is the clear winner

According to this data Airtel’s download speed has increased considerably and it can be considered as the fastest 4G network provider in India. However, Reliance Jio download speeds have more than halved.

Average download speed for Airtel has seen a rise of 4.747Mbps as compared to previous month. This brings its average speed to 11.862Mbps for the month of January.

Even Vodafone and Idea are doing good

Average download speed of Idea for the month of January has increased to 10.562Mbps which was just 5.943Mbps in December.

Vodafone has recorded an average speed of 10.301 as compared to 9.666 in the previous month.

Now we can answer if Reliance Jio Speed Problem has really increased

Average speed for Reliance Jio at 8.345Mbps clearly indicate that it is still lagging behind the major telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

Reliance Jio Speed Problem trai data

Due to its interesting offers, Jio managed to attract a record number of 100 million subscribers in a record time. But will it be able to maintain its subscribers even after the free offer ends. Surely not, if they fail to provide better services. But we can’t make it a final verdict. Only time will decide!

Are you also facing Reliance Jio Speed Problem? Share your 4G speeds in the comments section below!

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