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Reliance Jio locks sim card slot

Reliance Jio locks sim slot, no other sim can be used?

Reliance Jio is a hot topic in discussion everywhere. Reliance Jio sales were thrown open to public from 5th September. Soon after this announcement people started to line up to obtain a new connection. Only Lucky ones got it! The demand went up so high in some metropolitian cities like Delhi that stores went out of stock. There are messages being spread that Reliance Jio locks sim card slot.

Since Reliance Jio has been a centre of discussion almost everywhere, some rumuors are obvious to come out. One of such rumour is that Reliance Jio locks sim card slot and makes it unusable for any other operators’ sim card. Coming to the question, people ask regarding this, Is it true? The simple answer to this question is: NO!

Where did this story that ‘Reliance Jio locks sim card slot’ start?

The social media is so powerful that any post can go viral in no time. Thanks to people who share anything without doing research!

But there is a saying that every rumour is based on a certain degree of truth!

So, what is the truth in this case? Many people have been using Jio even before the public launch on 5th september. This scheme was availed by the dealers and employees for test purposes. Now, some people among them noticed that they couldn’t use any other sim after using Reliance Jio. So, what actually happened?

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Let me explain…

Reliance Jio is a 4G sim and uses VoLTE (Voice over LTE) for calling. Few telecom operators at that time provided 4G services. People mostly had 3G and 2G sims. Once they used Reliance Jio which used LTE and switched to 3G/2G, they were unable to use them. The problem was nothing but lack of knowledge. And the solution was simple; change the network mode back to 3G/2G. People who didn’t know this, started spreading rumours that Reliance Jio locks sim card slot.

Now you are aware about the truth. Don’t forget to share it with others.

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