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Reliance Jio 10GB daily download limit upgrade offer – Is it True?

Reliance Jio 10GB daily download limit upgrade offer/trick is going viral over whatsApp. Is it true that you can upgrade from 1GB daily limit to 10 GB daily limit on Reliance Jio?

There is a message going viral over WhatsApp. This messages claims to upgrade your current daily 1GB jio plan to 10GB daily limit.

The message contains a link which takes you to a website. This site asks for your State, your mobile number and your email id.

After you fill up the details it asks you to share with at least 10 friends and groups to upgrade Jio service.

If you too have got any such message, read the next part to know is it really possible to upgrade jio to 10GB daily limit.

Reliance Jio 10GB daily Offer/Trick – Is it true?

In very simple words, let me tell you that it is not possible to upgrade from 1GB daily data limit to 10GB daily limit. Reliance Jio 10GB daily limit offer is nothing more than a hoax. 

This message about Reliance Jio 10GB daily upgrade offer is spreading wildly over WhatsApp. There are some people who are spreading such messages for their personal gains.

Beware of Reliance Jio 10GB daily Upgrade Offer/Trick

First thing you should know about this jio 10Gb Offer is that it not an official one. There is no offer such announced by Jio where you can increase daily 1GB limit to 10GB. This offer is completely fake and is used to trick people.

Jio happy new offer is the plan every Jio user is subscribed to right now. This offer allows daily data usage of only 1GB. It is not possible to increase 1GB data limit to 10GB using any trick.

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Now you might think why people spread such fake messages?

There is a reason for this. Some people are in search of easy money. They fool people by such people and many of the users get trapped in such tricks. They collect user data from users and can sell that later for money. This could harm your privacy.

So it is better not to fall for such tricks which claim to increase Reliance Jio data upto 10GB daily download limit.

I request everyone to share this post with your friends and family, so they don’t fall for any such trap. There is no such official offer announcing Reliance Jio 10GB daily upgrade. 

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