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Record Videos on Computer from any source

Recording Videos on a Computer Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Do you want to record videos on your computer, and if so: How? Nowadays if you want to record video footage directly on a computer it is possible to do so directly from your screen or from various other input devices such as a webcam, TV tuner, and so on.

The options that you’ll have when it comes to recording videos on a computer will largely depend on the software that you use however. That is why if you want an all-in-one option that allows you the versatility to record from practically any source that you want – you should try Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Instead of limiting you to recording video footage in a particular way, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will let you record from a variety of different sources. It can record video footage from your screen or from a webcam or other external devices. On top of that it will also enable you to import videos that you already recorded and are stored on AVCHD cameras.

How to Record Videos from a Computer Screen

If you’d like to record videos from your computer screen just launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio and select the ‘Record screen’ option in the menu that appears. As soon as you do you can define the capture area by selecting a program window, or drawing a frame with your mouse cursor.

After you define the capture area, the recording interface will appear – and you can adjust the capture area further, set the audio source, or configure the various other recording parameters using it. On top of that Movavi Screen Capture Studio has options that you can use to automate the recording or capture keyboard and mouse actions as well.

If and when you’re ready you can press ‘REC’ to start recording and then press ‘Stop’ when you’re done. In the ‘Preview’ window that will appear you can opt to either save your video in a format of your choice, or open it up in the editor to make further changes to it.

How to Record Videos from Webcams, TV Tuners, or Other Sources

Assuming you want to record video footage from an external source such as a webcam, TV tuner, VHS player or something else entirely you should first plug in the device into your computer then launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Next you will need to open up the video capture module by first selecting ‘Edit video’ in the launch window, then clicking on the ‘Record Video’ button in the editor’s interface.

Within Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s video capture module you should first set the ‘Video capture device’ by selecting the device that you want to record from in the list that is available. After that’s done you can adjust the other recording parameters, including the frame rate, audio source, resolution, destination folder, and more.

To start recording all you need to do is press the ‘Start Capture’ button, and after you’re done you can click ‘Stop Capture’. By default Movavi Screen Capture Studio will save the video, and you can then click on the ‘Back to editing’ button to add the video to the editor so that you can alter it if necessary.

How to Import Videos from AVCHD Cameras

Importing videos from AVCHD cameras using Movavi Screen Capture Studio is similar to recording from other external sources and you just need to plug it in and use the video capture module. In other words you should launch the software and select ‘Edit video’ then click ‘Record Video’ to open the video capture module.

In contrast to recording video, the AVCHD camera should be recognized automatically by Movavi Screen Capture Studio and it will immediately list all the recordings that are on it. All that you need to do is select the vides that you want to import and then press ‘Add files to editor’ to save them and also add them to the editor at the same time.

Editing and Improving Videos

Being able to record videos from various sources is definitely one of the main advantage of Movavi Screen Capture Studio, and the other is its built-in editor. It will enable you to compile videos and improve them so that they look impressive and professional.

With the features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s editor you can merge clips together, trim out unwanted parts, enhance the video quality, apply effects and filters, add audio tracks, insert captions, and more. Effectively you’ll have a full-fledged video production studio that you can take advantage of fully.

As you can see it is easy to capture video on computer using Movavi Screen Capture Studio, and you’ll have no shortage of options when you do. In fact between all of the features that are present, you should be able to record, edit and create any type of video that you require – all under a single roof.

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