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Paytm Touch ID Authentication

Paytm Touch ID Authentication – What it is and how to use?

Paytm in its latest release has introduced a new feature – Paytm Touch ID authentication. Paytm for iOS v5.8.3 apart fixing various bugs introduces a new feature called Touch ID authentication. This adds an extra level of security to Paytm Wallet transactions.

As all of us know that in India, post demonetisation number of wallet users have increased many fold. Paytm is one of those wallets whose users multiplied exponentially.

But! Security has always been a concern. In its attempt to tackle security issues, Paytm has come with an additional layer of security for its Wallet users. However, for now, the feature is available for iOS users only. To enable Paytm Touch ID authentication iOS users need to update their Paytm to version 5.8.3.

How to enable Touch ID authentication

After downloading and installing the latest version of Paytm with Touch ID authentication support, Paytm will automatically guide users to set up its Touch ID feature.

Users also get an option to skip this setup. To setup this feature later, users can go to Profile > Security and Settings and setup Paytm Touch ID authentication.

How to use Paytm Touch ID authentication?

Touch ID Authentication simply means that you need to validate your actions on the Paytm app using your fingerprint. However, you don’t need to provide your fingerprint every-time you open the app.

You will only be asked for fingerprint authentication when you tap on Pay or Passbook button. Once authenticated you can make payments as you did earlier. The rest of the operations will be similar as they were before the introduction of Touch ID authentication.

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Touch ID Authentication for Android Users?

As of now, Paytm has not introduced this feature on its Android App. The feature is only available on its iOS app. But we hope that they will soon introduce it for Android as well.

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