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Hacking credit card in 6 secs

Hacking credit card in 6 secs using a laptop and an internet connection

A laptop, an internet connection and 6 seconds –  That’s all you need to hack a credit card. Yes, Hacking credit card in 6 secs! A team of security researchers at Newcastle University, UK in a recent publication, “Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud?” have pointed out a flaw in the VISA network. They say […]

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Paytm App PoS

How To Use Paytm APP PoS To Accept Credit Debit Card Payments

UPDATE: Paytm App PoS feature has been disabled due to security concerns and may be relaunched with some updations. Paytm has launched App PoS (Point of Sale) feature to accept credit card/debit card payments. Now small merchants can download Paytm app and accept payments via plastic money (debit/credit cards) using Paytm App PoS. They don’t need any machine […]

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