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Donald Trump's website hacked

President Donald Trump’s Website Hacked By Iraqi Hackers

Calling themselves “Pro_Mast3r”, hackers manage to deface President Trump’s website. Hackers claim to be Iraqi. Yes! Donald Trump’s Website hacked by some Iraqi Hackers. Defacing the website, hackers made the home page to display following text: Hacked By Pro_Mast3r ~ Attacker Gov Nothing Is Impossible Peace From Iraq According to “ArsTechnica“, The server,, is behind Cloudflare’s content […]

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Pay Using Aadhaar Card

How To Pay Using Aadhar Card – Make Aadhaar Enabled Payments

After demonetisation, Government is facilitating Aadhaar number-enabled financial transactions through mobile phones as part of its drive to convert the country into a cashless economy. Now people will be able to make payments using their Aadhaar cards. This post will tell you how to pay using Aadhaar card. Economic Times quoted the director general of Unique Identification Authority […]

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