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Nokia Z2

Another Nokia Phone Nokia Z2 leaks, spotted on Geekbench

In recent days, Nokia has been making news on the net and all indications point to a new wave of brand terminals for this coming year. Geekbench results for the Nokia Z2 Plus put it back into the headlines. The truth is that Nokia has always been in the media. But for a few months, it has been rumoured that a series of devices could make the Finnish company resurface from ashes. Not all users are so clear that they can stand up to the current devices and most importantly, compete with prices. But from Nokia, we can expect everything and do not fail to see its long trajectory in this sector.

The good thing about these new Nokia devices is that they will add the Android operating system and this one we all know about. But in this case, the curious thing about the filtration is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, the Android version 6.0.1 Marshmallow and 4 GB of RAM. Obviously, these specifications are numbers that we can see in several devices today. That’s why we talked about the importance of having a competitive price in this new equipment. And now that Nokia comes in hands of HMD, this may be the opportunity expected.

The truth is that it seems that Nokia has prepared a lot of surprises for the year 2017 or at least, the HMD Company.

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Meet the new Nokia Z2 Plus thanks to a luxury filtration

As far as we know, not only will a Nokia handset arrive next year but it will be a bigger launch than any iPhone has ever seen. Nokia, with this new phone, is trying to resume the Pulse that the company had years ago with those indestructible mobiles!

In this case, it has been known thanks to a leak in Geekbench. The existence of the Nokia Z2 plus has obtained precisely a score of 5,217 points in the multi-core test of its processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

Not much is known about this smartphone other than that the processor will run at 1.77 GHz and that it will arrive with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 installed. It is presumed that it could land with 4 GB of RAM. However this data is in no case confirmed.

If there is a Nokia Z2 plus, will there be a cheaper version?

We have no news about the existence of any other version of this Nokia, but logic calls us to think that if this is “Plus”, then Z2 should exist! And if not, the truth is that we have to say that they have failed to create a name too original for what would be their new device next year.

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