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Nokia is all set to connect people again. Will it be Nokia Edge 2017?

Nokia edge 2017 is on the way to connect our lives. Our all time favourite, Nokia is back! Yes, you read it right. Nokia will start selling android based smartphones from next year. Now Nokia will connect lives once again. Nokia, which was once a leading brand became extinct. While other big brands like Samsung and many Chinese brands used Google Powered Android, Nokia tried to keep itself unique. Another reason was the acquisition by Microsoft which tried to push Windows OS through Lumia brand which eventually failed to compete with the Android. As it is said that majority wins, Android was adopted by a large majority.

Is Nokia Edge 2017 really an upcoming android smartphone from Nokia? Read till end to know about Nokia edge 2017 which ‘is said to be‘ launched anytime soon in January 2017.

Whatever be the reason of its downfall, that’s history now. The nice part is that they are back. This has become possible by the efforts of some veteran employees of the company. Under this new arrangement, the Nokia brand wants to make a comeback and aims to launch new smartphones running on Android by the middle of next year.

Recently Nokia announced on their Facebook page that they have partnered with HMD Global, a new Finnish company. HMD global, securing the exclusive rights for Nokia brand for next 10 years, took over the phone business.

Announcement posted on official Nokia page:

Nokia Mobile, the page tagged in above post, updated this message, “Welcome to the new home of Nokia phones. We are working hard to bring you Nokia smartphones on Android platform in 2017.

Nokia Edge 2017 – An upcomming nokia android smartphone?

So, now that it is confirmed that Nokia is making a comeback, some rumours have started to do rounds on the internet. One of such rumour is the coming of Nokia Edge 2017 smartphone. Many blogs, websites and YouTube videos have been spotted which talk about this android based smartphone which they call Nokia Edge 2017. We have even come across the features, specifications, price and release date of Nokia Edge 2017 smartphone. According to these sources the phone will come in two variants with 5-inch and 5.5-inch screen, 2 GB and 3GB RAM respectively. Internal storage – 16GB in both the variants. Processor -Qualcomm Snapdragon 820/821 and Camera – 16 megapixels and 13 megapixels rear cameras & front camera of 8 megapixels.

But hold on!

There is no official confirmation yet. We don’t really know if there will any Nokia Edge 2017 launched or not. But this is for sure that if Nokia manages to make a successful comeback, its going to be difficult for competitors.


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