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messenger live location sharing

Messenger Live Location Sharing – How To Share Live Location Using FB Messenger

Facebook’s Messenger app has been updated with a new feature. This feature is messenger live location sharing. Now messenger users can share their live location with their friends.

In this post you will find about this newly added feature on messenger app & how you can use this feature to share your live location.

Messenger Live Location Sharing

Using this live location sharing option of messenger app, users can share their live location with their friends. The one who receives your live location will be able to track your live location for 60 minutes.

This feature could be a good safety feature in case you feel something suspicious going around you while you are travelling or any where out for work.

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How To Share Live Location Using Facebook Messenger

Sharing live location via messenger is a very easy task. All you need is an updated version of the app. After you have successfully updated to the recent version, here is all you need to do in order to share live location with your friends.

  • Open the chat you want to share your live location with
  • Click on location
  • Tap “share live location for 60 minutes”

That’s it!

You have successfully sent your live location your Facebook friend. Now this friend can track you for 60 long minutes. Even there is an option to stop sharing live location, if you wish to do so.

Although sharing of static location via Facebook owned messenger and WhatsApp was already possible but sharing live location is something new that they have added inside the messenger app. Sharing live location could be very helpful at certain circumstances but sometimes it may not be really convenient because the other person can track you for 60 minutes.

In case you don’t want your location to be traced for long duration, you have option to stop sharing live location anytime before 60 minutes.

What are your views on Messenger Live Location Sharing feature. Is it helpful? You can write your views in the comments section below.

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