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Facebook App Update

Latest features you get after Facebook App Update

Facebook is always busy updating its platform and coming up with new features. Facebook, a highly popular social media platform never misses any chance to come up with new features. There are two main reasons for this. First one is to keep up with the user expectations. Second and the most important reason is to stay ahead of its competitors. Facebook App Update many times give new features.

So, what are the new features you get in Latest Facebook App Update?

In this post, I will be talking about two updates, one which is already out and available and one which is in test mode in certain countries and will be launched very soon. Latter is the Facebook Camera Effects Platform and the former is the ability to upload HD images and videos using the Facebook app.

1. Upload HD photos and videos after Facebook App Update

Earlier when we used to upload our images and videos to Facebook using the Facebook App, they were converted to Standard (SD) Quality. But new Facebook update has added the capability to upload High Definition (HD) photos and videos directly from the app. Before using this feature you need to enable it. Follow these steps to upload your photos and videos in HD:

  1. Open the Facebook App (Make sure that you have latest update installed).
  2. Click on menu button (three bar icon near the notification icon).
  3. Scroll to ‘Help & Settings’ and click on ‘App Settings’.
  4. Here you can see toggle button ‘Upload photos in HD’ and ‘Upload videos in HD’.
  5. Turn them on.
    Option Turned OnOption Turned Off
  6. Now you can upload your photos and videos in HD quality.

2. Facebook Camera Effects Platform

This is the feature that is yet to be publicly released but reportedly it is being tested in some countries (in Ireland as per an article by techtimes). Many articles on the internet claim that the feature is inspired by Snapchat and some say Facebook is copying Snapchat. If you are a regular Snapchat user, I would like you to decide by yourself.

So, What is Facebook Camera Effects Platform?

Facebook Camera Effects Platform lets you add and design a frame for your photos and videos. This feature allows users to create new frames from scratch, and then use them while uploading profile photos and videos on Facebook via the mobile apps. The frames are available through the in-app Facebook camera and available in certain countries for now but please note that this feature is currently not available in India. I am emphasising this because most of the traffic to this blog comes from India.

The creators of the frame can see the stats and the number of times their frame has been used.


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