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Jio Prime Offer Details, Plans & FAQs explained

Jio Prime Offer is officially available for all the subscribers who register for Jio Prime Membership before 31st March. This post will give you all the details regarding Jio Prime Membership, its plan details and will answer many frequently asked questions related to this topic.

So, what is Jio Prime Membership?

To put in simple words, Jio Prime Offer is a paid version of Happy New Year Offer. Yes! As we all know that Jio is no longer going to be free after March 31 and users have to pay as per the tariff plans.

But using Jio Prime Membership you can extend the benefits of Jio Happy New Year Offer for one more year. But! This time you need to pay.

OK! How much do I need to Pay?

To opt for Jio Prime Membership offer, you need to pay an amount of Rs 99 for one year.

Hold on! No need to get too excited. That’s just membership fee. Apart from this you need to pay for monthly packs. The one that Jio is publicising much, which gives you the same benefits as you enjoyed during Happy New Year Plan costs Rs 303 per month.

To recall, Happy new year plan offered, unlimited data (with speed cap of 1GB daily) i.e 30GB 4G data monthly and unlimited voice call & SMS. You will get same benefits if you subscribe for Jio Prime Offer and recharge with a monthly pack of Rs 303.

Do Prime Members get any other plan options?

Now, I am sure you may ask – What if my data requirements are more or less than this. Are there any other plans for prime members?

Yes, Apart from Rs 303 plan, people who subscribe to Jio Prime Offer will get some more plans.

Details and benefits of all the Jio Prime Plans is listed below:

MRP Rs 149 Rs 303 Rs 499 Rs 999 Rs 1999 Rs 4999 Rs 9999
Free Voice Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Local Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
STD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Roaming Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
To all Operators Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data 2 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data at 4G Speed 2 GB 28 GB 56 GB 60 GB 125 GB 350 GB 750 GB
FUP 1GB/Day 2GB/Day
SMS 100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Local Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
STD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Roaming Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
To all Operators Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jio Apps Subscripton Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Validity 28 days 28 days 28 days 60 days 90 days 180 days 360 days

Apart from these there are three plans which cost Rs 19, Rs 49 and Rs 96 and come with a validity of 1 day, 3 days and 7 days respectively.

Rs 19 Plan: Unlimited Voice calls and 200 MB 4G data valid for 1 day.

Rs 49 Plan: Unlimited Voice calls and 600 MB 4G data valid for 3 days.

Rs 96 Plan: Unlimited Voice calls with 7GB 4G data (1GB/day) valid for 7 days. 

Add-on Vouchers

In case, you exhaust the benefits in the middle of the month, add-on plans come to rescue. Here are the various add-on plans and their benefits:

MRP Rs 11 Rs 51 Rs 91 Rs 201 Rs 301
Data 0.1 GB 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Validity Work on Base Plan’s Validity

What Jio Prime Users Get Extra?

Here’s a chart which shows what Reliance Jio Prime users get extra when compared to users who didn’t opt for Reliance Jio Prime Offer:

Jio Monthly rental Jio Prime Prepaid Jio Prime Postpaid Jio Prepaid Plan Jio Postpaid Plan FUP
Rs. 19 200MB N/A 100MB N/A No FUP
Rs. 49 600MB N/A 300MB N/A No FUP
Rs. 96 7GB N/A 600MB N/A Daily 1GB FUP for Jio Prime Users
Rs. 149 2GB N/A 1GB N/A No FUP
Rs. 303 28GB 30GB 2.5GB 2.5GB Daily 1GB FUP for Jio Prime Users
Rs. 499 56GB 60GB 5GB 5GB Daily 2GB FUP for Jio Prime Users
Rs. 999 60GB 60GB 12.5GB 12.5GB No FUP
Rs. 1,999 125GB N/A 30GB N/A No FUP
Rs. 4,999 350GB N/A 100GB N/A No FUP
Rs. 9,999 750GB N/A 200GB N/A No FUP

Is there any deadline to for the subscription?

Yes, there is! To avail all the benefits of Jio Prime Membership Offer, you need to subscribe for the membership between March 1st & March 31st 2017. This means 31st March is your deadline and you can’t get Jio prime membership after this date.

How to apply for Jio Prime Offer?

There are three ways in which you can apply for Jio Prime Membership:

  • Using MyJio App.
  • via Jio Website.
  • By Visiting Reliance Jio Store.

Here’s a short guide which shows how to apply for this offer using all the three methods:

1. Using MyJio App

  • Sign into your account using MyJio App.
  • Click ‘Recharge’.
  • Select Jio Prime Subscription.
  • Pay Rs 99 for the subscription.

2. Via Jio Website

  • Visit Jio website using this link
  • Enter your Jio number or email address and click submit.
  • Select Jio Membership option.
  • Pay Rs 99 for the membership.

3. By Visiting any Jio Store

If the above methods are not suitable for you or didn’t work, you can anyways visit any Reliance Jio Store or Retailer to get Reliance Jio Prime Offer activated on your mobile number.

If you are a Reliance Jio Postpaid user, then you need to know this:

  1. All the plans mentioned are exclusive of taxes. The bill amount will include taxes as well.
  2. All Postpaid subscribers opting for Jio Prime are also required to opt for e-bill and auto-pay options.

Prepaid as well as postpaid users must read the terms & conditions before opting for Reliance Jio Prime.

Jio Prime Buy One Get One Offer For Prime subscribers

As per a report by Gadgets 360, Reliance Jio is providing buy one get one offer to subscribers opting for Jio prime offer. As per this offer, users who buy the new Rs. 303 monthly pack will receive up to 5GB free data (equivalent to Rs. 201 booster pack). Similarly, Jio users who buy the Rs. 499 or higher Prime pack will get 10GB free 4G data (equivalent Rs. 301 booster pack).

Reliance Jio Prime Membership FAQs

1. Can we choose between plans every month after subscribing to Jio?

Yes, once you paid Rs 99 and activated the Jio Prime Membership Offer, you can choose different plans every month as per your needs.

2. Is Jio Prime For Postpaid Users Only?

This offer can is for all jio users – Prepaid, Postpaid or JioFi.

3. What if I don’t subscribe to Jio Prime Membership?

If you don’t choose to become a Jio Prime member or you missed the deadline to register for Jio Prime, then you will have to pay as per the following tariff plans given on Jio Website. You can’t choose from the exclusive plans discussed above.

4. Do we get unlimited data between 2-5 AM as we used to get during New Year Offer?


5. How do JioFi users subscribe to JioPrime?

You can use JioFi app in some phone and register for Prime Offer. Other two methods (website & Store visit) can also be considered.

6. Will my membership remain active if I don’t recharge for some months?

Yes, Your membership will be valid for 1 year irrespective of whether you recharge or not. However you won’t get any benefits like unlimited calling and data.

7. Is there any free SMS limit on daily basis?

Unlimited SMS referred in the plan benefits will be capped at 100 free SMS per day in compliance with TRAI Regulations.

I think that’s enough information regarding Jio Prime Membership Offer that Reliance Jio is providing. Don’t Forget to subscribe for Jio Prime before 31st March. If you still have any doubts, you can ask them in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this post!

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  1. i have registered for jio prime.
    But what if i i do not recharge with any plan (303 or 499etc.)
    befor march 31. And rechargw after that.?
    Will i still be eligible for prime membership plans? Or my membership will be cancelled.?
    What additional benefits will i get if i recharge before 31 march?

  2. If I subscribe now for prime, will I be able to use the (free)new year offer till 31 March. Till I recharge it after 31….??

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