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Jio Phone Booking Starts Before Official Date – Prebook Jio Phone Now

Jio Phone booking will officially start from August 24 2017. However, if you want to pre-book Jio Phone now before the official date, we have got a solution for you.

There are two ways to book Jio Phone. Customers can either book it online or offline.

If you remember those days when people had to stand in long queues to get a Jio Sim. Then you can very well imagine how difficult it is going to be to obtain a new Jio Phone.

Jio has officially announced two ways to pre-book Jio phone. Users who book their phone will start receiving the Jio 4G handset in September on first come first serve basis.

Jio will manufacture 5 million handsets every week but the demand is surely going to be higher than that!

In case you are planning to buy new Jio phone, you may have to wait for long time before getting hands on your device.

For our readers we have got a unique way to prebook a Jio phone even before the official Jio phone booking date. We at thetechpert have developed an android app called Pre-book Jio Phone Helper. This app will help you prebook your Jio phone before the official date.

Jio Phone Booking Using Our App


Prebook Jio Phone HelperPrebook Jio Phone android app

To prebook your Jio Phone using this app just follow the steps below.

  1. Download the app called  Pre-book Jio Phone Helper from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app
  3. Fill in all the details and click on submit

You are done! That’s all you need to do for Jio Phone Booking via this app.

This app will connect you to the nearest retailer. Or we can say you shall be contacted by a Jio retailer for further process.

Jio retailer will ask for all your details and ship your device to your home or may ask you to pickup your phone from their store.

Please note that if you opt for home delivery, the seller may ask for shipping charges depending upon your location.

Apart from the method discussed above, there are two ways to pre-book your Jio Phone. Let me explain them briefly.

How To Book Jio Phone Online?

This is the first method which you can use for booking Jio Phone. Please note that you will have to wait till 24 August to book JioPhone using this method.

The method is simple. You need to login to your myJio app and enter your details to book a Jio Phone. As I already mentioned that this method won’t work before 24th August. As such actual process will be updated once it starts.

But you can register your interest for JioPhone either as an individual or as a business on the official Jio Website. When you register your interest, Jio will remind you when acutal Jio Phone booking process through myJio app will begin.

JioPhone Prebook notification

Jio Phone Booking Offline Process

There is another way for booking Jio Phone. Customers can pre-book Jio Phone offline by visiting authorized Jio Retailer. To make a Jio Phone booking at offline store customers may be asked for an Aadhaar Card.

There are many offline retailers that have started taking orders for the new Jio 4G mobile phone even before the official prebooking date.

It may be noted that the offline booking will be done at no cost but retailers may charge an advance pre-booking amount to remain on safe side. To locate the nearest Jio store you can try this Reliance Digital Store Locator tool.

Jio Phone Booking Offline Store Location

Please note that you can buy only one Jio Phone using one mobile number and aadhaar number. So, now you have three ways for Jio Phone booking. Book it online via myJio app or Jio website. Book it from the offline retal outlet. Or book it from Pre-book Jio Phone Helper app.

So What are you waiting for? Just download Pre-book Jio phone Helper app & book your Jio Phone before the official booking dates. 

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