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Jio Latest News : Jio Prime Membership Registration Date Extended Till 30th April

Jio Latest News: Once again rumors have hit the internet about Jio extending its prime membership registration. There are very strong rumors that suggest Jio might extend prime membership registration till 30th april 2017.

About Prime Offer?

To put in simple words, Jio Prime Offer is a paid version of Happy New Year Offer. Yes! As we all know that Jio is no longer going to be free after March 31 and users have to pay as per the tariff plans.

To opt for Jio Prime Membership offer, you need to pay an amount of Rs 99 for one year.

Hold on! No need to get too excited. That’s just membership fee. Apart from this you need to pay for monthly packs. The one that Jio is publicizing much, which gives you the same benefits as you enjoyed during Happy New Year Plan costs Rs 303 per month.

To recall, Happy new year plan offered, unlimited data (with speed cap of 1GB daily) i.e 30GB 4G data monthly and unlimited voice call & SMS. You will get same benefits if you subscribe for Jio Prime Offer and recharge with a monthly pack of Rs 303.

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Jio might extend prime membership registration – Here is why

Reliance Jio is going to extend prime membership registration till 30th april 2017. This rumor could soon turn into jio latest news. We may hear an official announcement from Jio about date extension of prime subscription due to following reason.

Reportedly, Jio prime has been subscribed by around 25% Jio users, which is not the major portion of the subscribers. Jio would want more people to subscribe for prime. That’s why Jio might extend the dates for activation of prime membership to its users who have not yet opted for it.

Jio Latest News

Jio has reached the 100 million subscriber mark at a very high pace. Jio has become the first network to acquire such a huge customer base in a very short span of time. Now to enjoy prime benefits, Jio users have to subscribe to jio prime membership.

It is known to everyone that Jio gave a month’s time to its users for activating prime membership. Jio users have to opt for prime membership till 31th march 2017. But rumors have hit the internet that Jio might extend this date to 30th april.

That means Jio might give one more month to its users who wish to opt for prime membership, so they get more users on prime. Soon we may see this rumor as jio latest news.

Have you opted for Jio prime or not? Tell us in the comments below.

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