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Paytm App PoS

How To Use Paytm APP PoS To Accept Credit Debit Card Payments

UPDATE: Paytm App PoS feature has been disabled due to security concerns and may be relaunched with some updations.

Paytm has launched App PoS (Point of Sale) feature to accept credit card/debit card payments. Now small merchants can download Paytm app and accept payments via plastic money (debit/credit cards) using Paytm App PoS. They don’t need any machine for the customers to swipe their cards.

Paytm PoS (Point of Sale) allowing small and medium-sized merchants to accept all kinds of card payments including RuPay, Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro.

Here is how to use this Paytm App PoS feature :

  1. Get the Paytm app from google playstore or update to the latest version if you have it installed.
  2. Sign up if you are new to Paytm or simply login.
  3. Click Accept Payment.
  4. Select second option of Accept Debit/Credit Card
  5. Enter amount you want from your customer & click proceed.
  6. Now write down card details which include debit/credit card number, expiry date and CVV.
  7. Click on  Proceed To Pay.
  8. Now your customer will get an OTP. Ask for the otp and enter that.
  9. That’s it! The money will be added into your paytm wallet.

Ever since the demonitization of old currency notes, Paytm has seen a significant rise in the business, reportedly to 7 million daily transactions worth about Rs 120 crores every day. This latest release by Paytm enables the local vendors or even individuals to accept money from a customer or even from a friend using credit or debit card without having a card swipe machine.

Although the feature is being quite advertised but it is similar to any electronic transaction and the person who is paying needs to enter the card details manually and enter the OTP recieved on the phone. It is similar to paying for something online! But we hope that in future Paytm makes it more efficient and user friendly.

The service is absolutely free for now. No service will be charged to the vendor to use this service till 31st December.

>A day after launch, Paytm discontinues app PoS for merchants due to security concerns<

5 thoughts on “How To Use Paytm APP PoS To Accept Credit Debit Card Payments

  1. Hi, My name is Mahesh and i am from Bangalore. I have my own provisional strore in bangalore. Want to make customer to make payment thru debit/Credit Card. I heard about paytm swiping. I tried to Paytm call center people but not able to get. pl call to my mobile and give me the details of how to go about that.

    mobile no – 09731703289

    1. Hello Mahesh Babu!
      You heard it right. Paytm had launched a POS feature a few weeks back. This enabled store owners to accept payments via debit/credit cards. But unfortunately they discontinued the feature the very next day because it was criticised over security issues. Currently you can accept payments to your paytm wallet from the users who are registered with paytm. However, paytm is launching a feature to accept payments through UPI (To know more about UPI, visit this link:
      Hope this helps! Thank you and stay connected!

    1. The schemes are valid ony on the cashless methods which include:

      Rupay cards
      Mobile Banking and e-Banking
      AEPS and UPI apps
      USSD banking

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