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How Does WhatsApp Make Money

How Does WhatsApp Make Money?

Different companies are setup with different purposes. Some sell goods and others their services. All of them in some way help the clients or customers who are being served. At the end, everyone wants to earn some profit! Have you ever wondered how does WhatsApp make money? All of us have been using WhatsApp for some years now. We don’t see any ads. We don’t pay any charges. So, how do they actually make profits?  Let’s find out!

WhatsApp founders turned billionaires after the acquisition of WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars by Facebook. But the app never made any direct money and probably won’t make in future. Now the question arises, how will Facebook use WhatsApp to generate money? This won’t be using direct monetization programs like ads or subscription fee.

However, there are two possibilities answering the question ‘how does whatsApp make money under Facebook? ‘

  1. Facebook can use your phone numbers from WhatsApp to identify the contacts you interact with. They can use this data to suggest you friends, groups and even ads that are more relevant and targeted. This is suggested by a recent change in WhatsApp privacy policy which enables it to share user data with Facebook.

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  1. Another way that Facebook may try to monetize WhatsApp is by providing business-to-customer services. This means that you may get a message from your bank directly on your WhatsApp in future and the bank and the big brands that use this service will pay.

In short, there’s no direct or immediate way for WhatsApp to make money. But Facebook is looking ahead of time.

In an interview, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “We believe that once we get to being a service that has 1 billion, 2 billion, maybe even 3 billion people one day, that there are many clear ways that we can monetize”.

If you think you there is any other way that WhatsApp can use to generate revenues, write them below in the comments. Also feel free to ask any question,  give any kind of feedback or suggestion. We apprecite hearing back from you. Thanks!

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