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What to do if you forgot pattern of your android device?

All of us love privacy in our lives. This is true in case of our gadgets too. Be it our laptop, our tablet or a mobile phone, we don’t want everyone to access it without our knowledge. To achieve this, most of us use some cool passwords, pins and patterns which our friends and family members can’t guess. I many times forgot pattern of my smartphone and it became quite frustating. I hear many friends saying, “I forgot the pattern to unlock my phone, what should I do?”. In  this post I will show you the most simple and widely used method to gain access to your phone when you forget the pattern, pin or password to unlock your android device.

I forgot pattern to unlock my device. What should I consider before using this method?

Before I explain the process to unlock pattern locked device, I would like to clear that this method will hard reset the device and any data in the phone memory will be erased. This is the method that most of the service centres or people who charge around ₹300 to ₹400 use to unlock your device. So, if you follow this method properly you can save around ₹300!

Is there any other method to unlock pattern which doesn’t erase data?

Yes, there are some methods that can be used to unlock the phone in case you forgot pattern, pin or password. But those methods have some prerequisites, that must be met before usage. To explain this, let me give you an example of a method in which we use adb (Android Debug Bridge) to remove the file which contains the pin, password or pattern. But before using this method, three conditions should be met:

  1. The device should be rooted.
  2. USB debugging should be enabled.
  3. The computer you use should be pre-authorised for using USB debugging.

If you didn’t understand what I said, just ignore! But Believe me, rarely any device which gets locked meets above criteria. So, such methods don’t make any sense most of the times.


Now What?

Hard Reset is the final option to unlock pattern (mostly). How to perform it?

Follow these steps to hard reset your android device:

  1. Power off your device.
  2. Press “Volume Up Key + Power Key + Home Button” all simaltaneously and keep them pressed. (If you don’t have a home key use just first two. This combination works with most of the android devices. If you face any problem, feel free to ask in the comments.)
  3. Stop pressing the keys once you see the boot screen.
  4. Wait for few seconds and your device will enter into recovery mode.
  5. Use Volume keys to move up/down and select “Wipe data/factory Reset” and press power button to confirm.
    Forgot Pattern Wipe Data Factory Reset
  6. Use Volume keys again to navigate to “Yes, Delete all user data” and press power button to confirm.
    Forgot Pattern Delete All User Data
  7. Your device has been reset. Choose “Reboot System Now“, press power button and the device will restart.
    Forgot Pattern Reboot System Now

Congrats! You have successfully unlocked your device.

You can also watch this video to get a clear idea of the above method.


If you still have any questions, comment them below. I will get back to you as fast as possible. 

Zaid Moharkan

Tech Enthusiast, Programmer and a Computer Science Student. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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