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Flipkart Invests in Tinystep – Here Is All You Need To Know

Tinystep, a social network for parents received a funding of $2mn from e-commerce giant, Flipkart. If you don’t know what tinystep is and if you want to find out why Flipkart invested in this company, continue reading this post.

What is Tinystep?

Tinystep is a name which was unknown to many people but soon after the news that Flipkart invested $2mn in this company, the name started to get a lots of attention. In simple terms, tinystep is social network but it is predominantly meant for parents to connect with each other.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

Tinystep is a world of parents, where they connect, ask and share. They help each other in everyday parenting journey. Be it learning best ways to feed, finding a nanny or a pediatrician, finding the best neighbourhood school or just deciding the best diaper. Tinystep is Social Media 2.0. Social Networks help connect with existing friends, Tinystep helps parents make new friends online and then continue forever. In a single click, you can connect with 50 other moms whose kids had blue colored poop yesterday. Parents love us because we are supporting them nurture their biggest creation ­ LIFE . The much-needed vertical social network around parenting is finally here. Connecting parents, necessities, building a support system not just in India but all over the world! (Source)

Why did Flipkart Invest in Tinystep?

Most of you might be thinking why Flipkart invested in this company. The simple answer would be that they recognised a potential business opportunity. What else could be the reason!

Here’s the exact reason. Hindustan Times qouted, Ram Papatla, vice-president product at Flipkart and Tinystep board member say: “Baby care is an important category for Flipkart and the investment in Tinystep will enable Flipkart to leverage Tinystep’s strong user community to build a network of influencers”.

So, now you know what is tinystep and Why did Flipkart invest in this company. Do you have any startup ideas in mind that can attract such fundings? 

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