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Flipkart Affiliate Program – Easy Way To Earn Money On Flipkart

Flipkart Affiliate Program is a great way to earn money on Flipkart. I made Rs 14617 using Flipkart Affiliate Program. In this post I will teach you how you too can earn money on Flipkart using it’s affiliate program.

Who doesn’t like to earn some extra cash? Each one would like to know about some easy ways to earn money. But let me tell you, making money isn’t as easy as you think.

Still we have some techniques which can help to make some extra cash. Today I am going to tell one of those easy money making techniques out there.

What comes to your mind when I say that you can earn money on Flipkart?

Most people would instantly say by selling products.

But another question soon arises. Where can I get products to sell. Neither I am a manufacturer, nor a retailer. How can I sell products on Flipkart.

That’s where Flipkart Affiliate Program can help. You don’t need to own products to sell them on Flipkart to make money. You can earn money from Flipkart without even selling a single product of your own.


You can earn money from Flipkart Affiliate Program by referring people to buy products that are already listed on Flipkart. Whenever people buy product through your reference you get a small percentage of sale as commission.

Doesn’t that sound good? So, if you think you have that skill of finding good products and referring people to buy those products, Flipkart Affiliate program can help you to make a lots of money.

What Is Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Working of Flipkart Affiliate Program

In simple words, Flipkart Affiliate program allows its partners to earn money by sending traffic to Flipkart. Affiliate partners earn a percentage of sales amount as commission whenever users buy products through their referral.

Flipkart offers its affiliate partners a separate dashboard where they can convert any product link to an affiliate link. Now whenever any person comes to Flipkart website/app using that link and buys any product, affiliate partner earns a commission on sales.

Here’s a screenshot from the Flipkart affiliate website which shows the percentage of sales you can earn for each category on Flipkart. (Refer to for detailed commission rates on different products and categories)

Flipkart Affiliate Commission

Apart from the percentage of sales, Flipkart also offers its affiliate partners, a commission for every app install that takes place through their link. This falls into two categories:

1. Fallback install

Suppose a user clicks on your affiliate link to purchase a product from a mobile device but doesn’t have the Flipkart app install on the device. The user will be redirected to appropriate app store to download the Flipkart app. The affiliate partner will earn a separate app install commission in this case.

Flipkart offers Rs 20 for every Fallback install.

2. Direct Install

As the name suggests, you make the users directly install the app through your affiliate link. Once the user downloads the Flikart app, you earn a commission.

Flipkart offers Rs 15 for every Direct Install.

How To Earn Money On Flipkart Using Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Now that you know much about how to earn affiliate commission on Flipkart. Let’s now come to the practical part. How do you start earning? The process is quite simple.

  1.  Visit and complete the registration process.
  2. Once registered login to your dashboard.
  3. You will see various options but the ones which you will use more often is the affiliate link generator and the Flipkart App install campaign. We will be talking about these. You can experiment with the rest of the options like reports and tools.

Affiliate Link Generator

affiliate link generator

This is where all the magic begins! You can select any Flipkart URL and paste it in the Affiliate link generator. Once the user visits Flipkart through that link, Flipkart will start tracking that user for next 24 hours (in technical terms, set a cookie in users’ browser).

Now if this user buys any product from flipkart within 24 hours, you will get an affiliate commission from the sale.

Let’s analyse this process using an example.

Suppose you friend wants to buy a new air conditioner and asks for your advice. What you can do is to look for a good AC on and copy the link of the product page.

Suppose you choose this nice AC for your friend.

flipkart ac example

Click on the product to open the product page. Check the URL bar of your browser to get the product Link.

generate flipkart affiliate link

Copy the link and paste it in the affiliate link generator tool and click ‘GO’.

generate affiliate link

You can see your generated affiliate link, similar to one shown below:

long affiliate link

You can copy this link and send it to your friend or choose to shorten link so that you get a nice short link!

short affiliate link

Now if your friend visits this link and buys that AC (or even any other product) from flipkart within 24 hours, you will earn a commission for the sale.

To check how much you earn from this sale, head to the ‘commissions’ tab in the Flipkart affiliate dashboard. Check for the commission percentage for the product you are trying to promote (AC in this case).

Affiliate Commission Rates

As you can see in the above screenshot, the commission rate for the AC is 4%. This means if your friend buys that AC, you will earn Rs 960. That’s a decent amount you earn for suggesting a product!

Now imagine if you start suggesting products to all your friends and family members! Then what if you own a blog, a website, a Social Media Page, a mobile app or a YouTube channel with huge user base? Don’t you think you can earn a huge amount by affiliate marketing?

People are already doing it and they are earning pretty decent amount of money from it. Affiliate marketing has a huge potential to make money. If you think you have got some good marketing skills, just test your skills and start making money from day one!

Is There Any Other Way To Earn Money On Flipkart?

Yes! Become a seller

Apart from Flipkart Affiliate Program, there is another way to earn money on Flipkart.

But to earn earn on flipkart this way you need to sell something of your own rather than referring people to buy. You can do it only if you are a seller who is selling in India.

Selling on Flipkart isn’t hard. It just needs you some business documents like PAN, TAN, GSTIN and a bank account.

earn money on flipkart by selling

Flipkart Affiliate Program Payment Proof

I have earned Rs 14617 using Flipkart Affiliate Program. Here is my Flipkart affiliate program payment proof.

flipkart affiliate program payment proof
Flipkart Affiliate Program Payment Proof

I have also added a screenshot of an email from Flipkart which they send once payment is credited. As you can see in above first payment made by Flipkart was 1158 INR but in below screenshot final amount that was credited in my account was 1125.75 INR.

flipkart affiliate program payment proof 2

This is because TDS of Rs 59.25 was deducted by Flipkart. They will send you a TDS Certificate for the amount that is being deducted by them while making payment.

Flipkart Affiliate Program Review

I have personally used Flipkart Affiliate Program to make money. I used both app referral method and selling products using my referral links.

Both worked well for me. Flipkart is great on tracking sales and downloads.

They update your earnings very accurately. Before they actually pay you, wait period is more than 2 months. And in the third month payment is made.

Your amount earned remains in pending payments section and after two months pending payments turns into approved payments.

pending payments flipkart affiliate

You have to wait for your money because many customers cancel their orders on Flipkart. Also Flipkart has a return policy. Both these returns and cancelling of orders are the delay for late payments by Flipkart.

Finally I would say Flipkart affiliate program is a great way to earn money. Flipkart Affiliate Program is totally a legit and genuine way to earn some extra cash.

How To Withdraw Your Money

There is no such withdrawal process to be followed every time you earn some money. When you register for Flipkart Affiliate Program, you will have to add your bank details.

Money will be automatically sent to the bank account that is entered while registration.

Quick Tips To Earn Money On Flipkart

If you act a little smart, you can make a decent amount on Flipkart using it’s affiliate program. This is my personal favorite. I often use this to make money on Flipkart.

If you have a blog/website, just place your affiliate links/banners to earn money. In case you don’t have any website/blog/followers. Here is what you should do.

Whenever your friend/family member/relative is planning to shop on Flipkart. Tell them to use your link for shopping.

You know everyone of us like to save while shopping. You can offer your friends some cashback for shopping from your link. This is how most of the cashback websites work.

Just apply the same formula.

For example your friends is going to purchase the above AC from Flipkart. If you share some of the referral commission with him, he would surely buy from your link.

This way you both earn a little. Also this friend will keep in mind the next time he shops on Flipkart.

Other Affiliate Programs To Earn Money Online

Apart from Flipkart, many other e-commerce players like Snapdeal and Amazon also offer similar affiliate programs. You can also earn a good money by registering on other websites as well.

The process to earn using other websites is similar. I personally prefer Flipkart because they don’t disable your account even if you bring zero sales to them.

I have also tried amazon affiliate but my account was disabled because I didn’t made any affiliate sales for 90 days. So I would suggest you to go for Flipkart Affiliate Program & start making money today.

Hope this post was useful. If you still have any questions about Flipkart Affiliate Program or how to earn money on Flipkart. Please feel free to comment. I will try to respond to all queries as fast as possible.

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