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Flash Sale Magic

The Flash Sale Extension That Really Works

Flash sale extension can be great help to get your desired product in the Flash Sale.

Flash Sale! Many of my friends ask me that they want to buy a smartphone but its available in a flash sale. As all of us know these sales hardly last for few seconds. So, is there any way to actually buy a product in these sales?

Being fast enough is not the key to win in such sales because there are thousands of people who are already faster than you. Majority of people who fail in their attempt to buy any smartphone in these sales, finally start looking for better ways to buy them.

Yes, there are many solutions out there. The first one being smarter and faster than others. Although, it may increase your chances to win but doesn’t provide any guarantees. There are many other ways to get an unfair advantage in the competition (and sometimes it’s ok to be unfair). There are many Flash Sale apps, flash sale extensions and auto buy scripts out there that claim to get the products for you in a flash sale.

But! Many of them don’t actually work.

After a lot of research and hard work, our team was able to build a flash sale extension that really works.

Flash Sale Magic

FlashSale Magic is a Google Chrome Extension that is developed by thetechpert team to help users to book any product that is available on a Flash sale at Yes, currently the extension works for Flipkart only but in future we hope to extend it to other websites as well.

If you are our regular reader then you might have read our previous post where we offered our extension for users to test. This flash sale extension was not available on chrome web store at that time.

After getting the positive response from our users, we decided to publish this extension and make it available to public.

How to install FlashSale Magic Extension?

To install this extension, visit Chrome Web Store and search for “FlashSale Magic”. Click on “Add To Chrome” button and it is done. Now, your browser has some magical powers that will help you buy your desired smartphone in the next flash sale.

How to use this Flash Sale extension

  • Visit 5 minutes before the flash sale.
  • Login (if not logged in) – login is necessary.
  • Go to the product page of the product you wish to buy.
  • Since, most of the flash sales are at 12 noon. Flash Sale Magic plugin works only at 11:58 A.M.
  • Around 11:58 A.M, while being on the product page click on the Flash sale magic icon (which looks like a magic wand) besides your address bar.
  • You will see a blue button saying “Start the Magic“, tap on that.
  • The Flash Sale Magic extension will start the process to order the product and will send you to ‘Checkout’ page once it adds the product to your cart.
  • Select your delivery address, payment method and you are done

Yes, this Flash Sale Extension really works. Watch this video proof:

Some useful tips to buy your next smartphone using FlashSale Magic Extension in next Flash Sale

  • Make sure you are logged in to your Flipkart account before using this plugin.
  • Save a default address to your Flipkart address so that you don’t waste time filling up the address fields at the time of checkout.
  • If COD is not available on the product you wish to buy, you can consider using PhonePe wallet and keep it preloaded it with the money to make your checkout faster and smoother.

I really hope that using this flash sale extension and the above mentioned tricks will help you make your flash sale experience really magical!

Don’t forget to share your feedback about this FlashSale Magic extension with us!

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