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earn money online in india without investment

How To Earn Money Online In India Without Investment – 7 Simple Ways

How to earn money online in India without investment. Many of my friends often ask me this question. In this post I will share 7 simple ways to earn money online in India with a very little or no investment.

When you search on internet about ways to earn online. There are lots of websites which offer different jobs for money. But many of them are fake.

Some cost you time and some money. In both cases you are at loss.


Now you don’t need to worry about such misleading websites. Here I will share only those ways that are legit, real and I have personally used to earn money online in India.

Ways To Earn Money Online In India Without Investment

Earning money online in India is not a very tough job. If you are dedicated enough you can make a lots of money online. You can earn from thousands to lakhs every month. Here are 7 simple ways to earn money online in India without investment.


Blogging is one of the most used method that people use to earn money online. You can start a blog and start writing about anything you know or you are interested about.

India is one of the countries with highest number of internet users. As per World Bank Data, 26% of Indian population is connected to internet which is a huge amount when compared to other countries around the world.

You can imagine how big the opportunity is to earn money online in India that too with a little investment. It is being predicted that the number of internet users in India may soon cross 450 million.

What if only 1 million out of this 450 million read your blog posts every month?

Thus, there is a huge potential to earn money online in India from your blog. What you need is right direction, dedication and consistency.

If you are able to provide quality content for the readers, there is nothing that can stop you from making a handsome amount from your blog every month.

There are people who earn millions of dollars from their blogs every month.

Some bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal of Shoutmeloud & Amit Bhawani of PhoneRadar have made blogging their full-time profession and have made fortunes from their blogs.

Even if you are new to the world of blogging, you can start making money in few weeks or in few months of starting your blog if you write quality content and stay consistent.

earn money online in india blogging

Now you may ask, how does a blog generate revenue?

The most basic method to start earning money from your blog is to display advertisement.

There are various third-party advertisement networks which display ads on your website/blog and pay you on the basis of ad impressions and clicks.

The most trusted and highly paying ad network is Google AdSense. To start making money from Google Adsense, you just need to register an account with AdSense after creating your blog and adding some quality content.

Once your account is approved, you can start displaying ads on your blog and start making money, if your site generates traffic.

Adsense is the most straight forward way to earn money from your blog but it is not the only way.

You can make money by promoting products and services of various companies and earn commission on each sale you make. This is known as affiliate marketing and is explained in detail later in this post.

You can promote your own products, services, sell e-books and do whatever you like.

There are infinite ways to earn money using your blog. Your imagination is the only limit!


YouTube is nowadays a very popular way to earn money online in India without investment. Teenagers in India are trying their luck to become overnight YouTube sensations by uploading videos on the platform.

earn money online in india using youtube

Since the launch of Jio 4G services, internet penetration in India increased greatly. Users spend a lot of time watching videos online instead of traditional TV shows with family.

Technical Guruji is an example of how fast a person with some knowledge and know-how about YouTube can grow into a millionaire in a single year.

BB KI VINES is a name that most of YouTube users are known to. BB KI VINES became the first Indian YouTuber to cross 2 million subscribers on the channel.

All these Youtubers are earning a few lakh rupees every month from YouTube. Their earnings depend on the views they get on their channel.

If you too have an idea of video content creation. If you think you can also contribute some videos that have an audience, you can make a decent amount of money.

You don’t need any money to start a YouTube channel and earn money online.

Earning money using YouTube is quite easy. All you need is to upload a video. Monetize that video with ads. For that Adsense is a platform that enables YouTube creators to monetize their content and make money using their videos.

Also you promote your affiliate links through YouTube videos and earn money online in India without investment.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is yet another great way to earn money online in India without investment. Before I tell you how it works. Let me tell you what affiliate marketing is.

You sell a product that you don’t own. It means you sell someones product/services for a commission. You become an affiliate of the person/company whom you help in selling their goods/services. In turn you get a small percentage of a sale as commission.

earn money online in inida - affiliate marketing

In India you can easily become a Flipkart affiliate or Amazon affiliate and earn money online without investment. You just need to create an affiliate account of any e-commerce site, like Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal. Once you create an account, you can generate an affiliate links of the products you can promote.

On every successful sale through your link, you get a small commission. You can promote you affiliate links on Facebook, WhatsApp or on your blog/website as well.

More people who buy from your links, more  you earn. Earnings depend on the type of products you sell. Commission rates vary from products to products.

Flipkart pays 10% as affiliate commission for clothing and footwear. While as 0.1% for some exclusive smartphones. You can start earning money online from affiliate marketing very easily with no money.

earn money online in india - affiliate marketing earning proof
Screenshot of my today’s earnings on Flipkart affiliate.

Data Entry

Another way to earn online without any investment is to take up a data entry job.

This is, in my opinion the most simple method to earn money online in India or anywhere in the world.

You don’t require any high level qualifications or skills to do any data entry job. You just require good typing speed and an internet connection.

The most genuine data entry job in India which you can take up to earn money online is Digitize India Platform.

Digitize India Platform is a government initiative which allows anyone with Aadhaar card in India to earn money by doing simple data entry. DIP is a great way to earn money online in India without investment.

The job is to convert the hand written text snippets to digital form.

However, before you make your mind to work on Digitize India Platform, please read about the various questions that people ask about Digitize India Platform.

digitize india platform transaction proof
Digitize India Platform Transaction Proof


You can consider Freelancing as another way to earn online in India.

Freelancer is a self-employed professional who offers services to businesses or clients.

If you have a skill but you don’t want to work for an organisation or prefer your own freedom at work, you can consider becoming a free lancer.

There are many websites which allow people to post various jobs for freelancers to take up. Freelancers can make money online by browsing these sites like or, select a project of interest and set the bid amount for the project.

Various jobs that you can take up as freelancer are content writing, digital marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation), technical jobs (like programming, web development etc), graphics design, financial support, virtual assistant and much more.

Thus, if you are looking for attractive & independent mode of income from online source then you can consider freelancing as an option.

Refer & Earn

There are a lots of apps in google playstore that let users to earn money online. You just need to refer your friends to download the app & earn money as referral income.

Cashboss is one of my favorite apps that lets you earn money online in India by referring friends. This app lets you earn 15 INR for one referral.

This app money can be even transferred to Paytm wallet. You can then transfer money from Paytm to bank as well.

earn money online in india - refer & earn
Cashboss Earning Proof


Yes, you read it right! We use WhatsApp extensively nowadays. Apart from connecting with our friends and family we use this platform to send a lots of messages. Ask yourself, how many messages you forward on WhatsApp? Why do you forward them? What if I tell you that you can earn money by sending messages on Whatsapp!

Sounds interesting?

Yes, you can earn money through WhatsApp by just sending messages on WhatsApp. Read this to get a detailed overview about earning money using WhatsApp.

If I tell you in short. You have to shorten links and send those links over WhatsApp. When people click those links, they will face an ad before landing the destination page. That ad will generate money for you. website lets you earn money online in India without investment. This is a very easy way to earn money online using WhatsApp.

earn money online in india - whatsapp payment proof

You can redeem money through paypal once you reach $5. It doesn’t require any money to earn online using this method. You can create a free account on & start earning money online without any investment in India.

These were the 7 simple ways you can earn money online in India very easily without investment. Hope you liked reading this. If you have any questions about these ways to earn money online, let me know in the comments section below.


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