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Earn Money From Digitize India Platform

How To Earn Money From Digitize India Platform – By PM Narendra Modi

You might be knowing about PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India Initiative. Under this initiative, Indians can very easily Earn Money From Digitize India Platform.

So What kind of Job you have to do?

Simple Data Entry!

Yes. That’s it. Under digital India platform, all you have to do is data entry. They will give you small snippets of handwritten documents. You have to convert them into digital text.

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What qualification you need to have to join & earn money from digital India platform?

You need to be a HUMAN above 10 years old with good typing skills.

What all things you need to Earn Money From Digitize India Platform?

1. A Computer or any smart device (a tab, or a smartphone)
2. An Internet connection.
3. Aadhaar Card
4. Bank account (LINKED TO AADHAAR)

If you have all these things, you are good to go.

Watch Video – How It Works?

Watch this video to know how this platform works to get a quick idea how you can earn money from Digitize India Platform.

How To Earn Money From Digitize India Platform

To earn money from Digitize India Platform, you need to convert scanned documents to digital text on Digitize India Platform.

Scanned Document

1.All scanned images are shredded into snippets with meaning full data
2.Shredding done as per Organizations requirement for data digitization
3.Documents meta data information is maintained throughout the life cycle of the document

Digitize India Platform

1.Randomly serves snippets to contributors
2.Snippets are matched for converted data in the match engine
3.Correct entries get reward points for each correct words digitized
4.Platform organizes the snippet text digitized by contributors
5.Document are re-assembled and provided back to the organizations

Earn Money From Digitize India Platform

Now if you want to join this digital India platform to earn money, just follow the steps below.

  1. Visit & Click on Register.
    digitize india platform
  2. Fill up the the details with accuracy.
  3. Login using USERNAME & PASSWORD created.
  4. Goto Workspace.
    workspace digital india platform
  5. Write what you can read in the box & submit. If its unreadable or blank image, press the appropriate button.

That’s the only work you have to do to earn money from Digitize India Platform. Convert handwritten text to digital text. You don’t need to covert full documents but only small pieces of text. If you think you can do it.

Click Here Now & Start Earning Money With Digitize India Platform.

The more work you do, more points you will earn. You can then convert those points earned into money by sending them to your bank account. One important thing you should note. You can transfer money to bank only when your bank account is linked to your Aadhaar.

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Your Connection Is Not Secure – Problem Solved

While trying to access Digitize India Platform website, if you are getting an error message “your connection in not secure“. Here is what you should do.

Just click on advanced options and then select Go to

This way you can easily access the Digitize India Platform website. This error indicates the SSL certificate of website has expired. Although being a government website this shouldn’t have happened.

But for now, for all those unable to log in to the website. This is the only way to use digitize India platform website.

Digitize India Registration Online Process

Digitize India Registration Online

Before you can start to earn from Digitize India Platform, you need to register on the website. To register on Digitize India Platform, simply visit the website and click on Register. Once you click on the button, following form will appear.

digitize india platform registration form

Fill up all the detail mentioned in this form to complete the Digitize India platform registration process. Once you have completed the registration process, you will have to now login to your account to start working.

Digitize India login

digitize india platform login

In order to login to Digitize India Platform website simply go to to the home page and click on Sign In button. You can also click here to directly jump to the Digitize India Login Page. Now enter the email/username and password that you set up during the registration process.

Digitize India Platform Dashboard

After you successfuly login to your Digitize India Account, here is what dashboard looks like. My dashboard shows some data because I have already worked in it.

digitize india platform dashboard

Digitize India Reward Points Value

Many people ask about how how much they can earn by data typing on Digitize India Platform. Also lots of people keep asking how many reward points equal to how many Rupees.

digitize india platform rewards

To get answer for all those questions, please read this article : How Much Can You Earn From Digitize India Platform And Similar Questions Answered

Digitize India Payment Proof – Earn Money From Digitize India Platform

Here is a payment proof of my Digitize India Platform Earning. You can also earn money from digitize India Platform very easily if you have some good typing skills.

digitize india platform rewards redeemed

I have earned 3350 reward points on Digitize India Platform. Also I redeemed all my points and got my money into my bank in 12 days.

I received Rs. 60 in my bank account for typing 677 snippets. This may not be same for everyone.

As I worked with a speed of 35 and accuracy of 90. You may do it with a greater speed or accuracy or you may do it with a lower speed and accuracy.

Hence, I personally feel that conversion is based on your speed and accuracy also but you can expect to earn Rs. 50 for every 2500 points. And earning Rs. 50 in 30 minutes isn’t a bad deal either!

Digitize India Platform Review

Finally after using the Digitize India Platform and also getting feedback from other users in form of comments and messages, I would rate Digitize India Platform 6 out of 10 only.

Let me tell you why!

There are lots of issues that website is facing. Like SSL certificate has expired and they are not renewing it. That’s the reason users face error like,”your connection is not secure

Also many users have experienced the Snippets have exhausted problem. Read this article to know what this issue is and how you can solve it.

Apart from this many users have complained in comments section below, they are not able to open the website. Others say OTP was not received.

Although this website is 100% legit and genuine to earn money. They do send payments but user experience is not that good.

They need to improve on the above issues so users can smoothly work and earn money from digitize India Platform.

Hope this was useful. Please let me know in the comments section below if you have any more questions about how to earn money from Digitize India Platform.

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