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Earn Money From Digitize India Platform

How To Earn Money From Digitize India Platform – By PM Narendra Modi

You might be knowing about PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India Initiative. Under this initiative, Indians can very easily Earn Money From Digitize India Platform.

So What kind of Job you have to do?

Simple Data Entry!
Yes. That’s it. Under digital India platform, all you have to do is data entry. They will give you small snippets of handwritten documents. You have to convert them into digital text.

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What qualification you need to have to join & earn money from digital India platform?

You need to be a HUMAN above 10 years old with good typing skills.

What all things you need to Earn Money From Digitize India Platform?

1. A Computer or any smart device (a tab, or a smartphone)
2. An Internet connection.
3. Aadhaar Card
4. Bank account (LINKED TO AADHAAR)

If you have all these things, you are good to go. Now if you want to join this digital India platform to earn money, just follow the steps below.

  1. Visit & Click on Register.
    digitize india platform
  2. Fill up the the details with accuracy.
  3. Login using USERNAME & PASSWORD created.
  4. Goto Workspace.
    workspace digital india platform
  5. Write what you can read in the box & submit. If its unreadable or blank image, press the appropriate button.

That’s the only work you have to do. Convert handwritten text to digital text. You don’t need to covert full documents but only small pieces of text. If you think you can do it. Click Here Now & Start Earning Money With Digitize India Platform.

The more work you do, more points you will earn. You can then convert those points earned into money by sending them to your bank account. One important thing you should note. You can transfer money to bank only when your bank account is linked to your Aadhaar.

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If you still have any questions, comment them below. I will reply back soon.


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