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e-Passports With Bio-Metric Feature Coming To India Soon

e-passports with an electronic chip to hold information printed on the passport’s data page, with biometric features will be soon coming to India.

Government of India under PM Modi has taken up the nation to compete with the western world. Under the digital india mission lot’s of changes has taken place in past. Some changes are yet to come.

Soon after the digital currency move, now many authentic reports suggest that government of India is going to roll out e-passports soon in India.

Now anytime soon in near future our traditional passports may get replaced by e-passports.

Digital India Facebook page in a post shared about how new passports will be like. The link reads “Govt to roll out e-passports with electronic chip, bio-metric security features“.

This confirms that e-passports could be a reality in india soon.

An e-passport contains an electronic chip that holds the same information printed on the passport’s data page, with biometric features, and is likely to secure the data and curb the menace of fake passports. Electronic passports may be launched in India in 2017.

What are e-passports

e-passport may look traditional passport with an electronic chip embedded in it. This chip will store the information of individual printed on the passport in digital form.

Apart from all personal details an e passports would store data like image of person in digital format and biometric data of a person e.g fingerprints.

This will curb the misuse and menace of fake passports.

Features of e-passports

The facial image stored digitally on the RF chip has a better quality than the one printed on the ID card, since it is not distorted by the structure of the passport card (due to typographical authentication features).

The digital image, as well as the stored fingerprints are therefore very suitable for the determination of whether the passport and its bearer really correspond.

Besides, the security mechanisms on the RF chip allow to quickly recognize forged or falsified electronic passports.

About e-passports

The electronic passport (e-passport) was introduced in Germany on 1st November, 2005. The passport book of the electronic passport corresponds to the old passport.

Additionally, the cover contains an embedded contact-less chip (radio frequency chip). Initially only the personal data from the passport book and a facial image were found on the chip.

Now e-passports or electronic passports will be reality coming to India soon. Hope you liked this post. Please let us know in the comments below what is your view on rolling out of e-passports in India by Govt.

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