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Download Latest WhatsApp Update With Gif Support

WhatsApp in its latest version has added GIF support. The version is currently available to beta testers only but you can still Download Latest WhatsApp with GIF support.

In its latest version 2.17.6 (beta version), WhatsApp has finally introduced support for GIF images. WhatsApp to some extent supported GIF in various forms like converting a video clip to GIF image and support for GIF on its web platform. But this time they have come up with pure GIF support.

Now you can send and receive GIF images on Whatsapp.

This feature  supports searching, choosing and sending GIFs from the WhatsApp. This eliminates the requirement of a separate Giphy client, the GBboard app and pre-saved GIF’s.

Download WhatsApp Latest Version with GIF support

Here’s a direct link for downloading WhatsApp with GIF support:

Download WhatsApp 2.17.6 (beta Version)

How to use GIF feature in latest WhatsApp update

This feature will be available under the emoji button in the text box. A new bar can be seen which allows users to choose between emoji and GIF.

Select GIF and choose a GIF image as per your choice or search through Giphy to  find more.

Media Sharing limit Increased

Apart from adding GIF support, this version of WhatsApp now allows media sharing of upto 30 files at once. This limit was previously set to 10 files.

If you want to receive such updates during beta phase before they are actually released, you can join WhatsApp Beta testing program. You can do so by visiting the app page on Google Play and registering as a Beta Tester.

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