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How to download apps without Google Play: Top 5 Play Store Alternatives

There are many instances when we face situations which lead us to think how to download app without google play. Even many people ask me this question, How can I download apps without google play? So, in this post I will tell you if there is any google play alternative and how you can download apps when google play store download doesn’t work for you.

Before I begin with Google Play store alternatives available out there, I would like to highlight some situations when you require these. Some of those which come to my mind are:

  • You are using a phone (which is not your’s) and there is no google account configured with the device. Now you don’t want to enter your own ID or create a new one.
  • Second situation can be like you are on a slow connection and your download just fails in the middle. This can be frustrating!
  • Another reason to use google play alternative that comes to my mind is that there are some apps which are not available in your region and you can’t download them using google play. But then these apps may be available with the alternative stores.

There are many reasons like these that may force you to go for an alternative choice for Google Play. You may have your own reason to do so. But before I list out some of those alternatives, let me clear this. It is highly recommended that you download apps officially from Google Play. Why I am saying so? Because, you never know if any third party tricks you to download malicious app which can harm your device or steal your data.

Google Play Store Alternatives to download apps without google Play

To download apps without Google Play you can use these alternatives which I classify into two types:

  1. App Based Alternatives.
  2. Web Based Alternatives.

What is the difference between the two?

The difference is evident by the names. App based alternatives require you to download an app which works very similar to Google Play app. You can browse other apps and download and install them. Using Web based alternative doesn’t require you to download and install an app to download other apps. You just visit the site, search for the app you need. If it is available you download .apk file of that app which you can install in your android device. Before installing such files please make sure that your device is set to install third party apps. To allow third party installs follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Security.
  3. Under ‘Device administration’, Find ‘Unknown sources’.
  4. Check the option and tap OK.
  5. Now you can install install apps which are downloaded from these Play Store alternatives.

Here’s the list of alternatives to Google Play Store:

1. Amazon App Store for Android

Google Play Alternative: Amazon App Store

Amazon gives you access to thousands of Android apps which you can download directly from their app store. Another way to access apps from this store is to download the Amazon Underground App. But please note that before using this service you need to have a working amazon account.

2. GetJar

Install Apps without Google Play: GetJar

Another most popular Google Play alternative is the GetJar. It gives you access to various apps which are divided into categories and subcategories just like Google Play Store. It is interesting to note that GetJar is multi platform app store which gives you access to not only Android apps but you can download apps for iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and more. You can even download their app on your device using this link.

3. 1Mobile Market

Google Play Alternatives: 1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market is a nice and decent app which can be used to download apps without google play. It is a nice google play alternative. Its interface is quite nice and gives access to thousands of apps which are categorised for easier access. You can download the 1Mobile Market app from their website.

4. Mobogenie

mobogenie: Download without google play

Using Mobogenie you can directly download the apps from their online store, or you can download and use their app. Third option is to download their PC application. Here are the links to all of the three:

5. Mobomarket

MoboMarket: Download Without Google Play

Mobomarket is also similar to mobogenie. It also provides you three ways to download apps. Here are the links:

  • Mobomarket Website
  • A link to download their app for android and PC is on their homepage.

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These were the top 5 Play Store Alternatives to download apps withoout google play. If you found this post useful or want to ask something please let us know in comments below. 

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