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Create Frames using Facebook Camera Effects Platform: Title Image

How To Create Frames using Facebook Camera Effects Platform

In my previous post I talked about Facebook updates and I mentioned Facebook Camera Effects Platform. In this post I will introduce Facebook Camera Effects Platform and show you how to create frames using Facebook camera effects platform.

What is Facebook Camera Effects Platform?

Facebook Camera Effects Platform lets you add and design a frame for your photos and videos. This feature allows users to create new frames from scratch, and then use them while uploading profile photos and videos on Facebook via the mobile apps.

Facebook users in Ireland, Columbia, Mexico, Taiwan and the UK will be able to create profile frames using the Camera Effects Platform from today. The creators of the frame can see the stats and the number of times their frame has been used. The feature will be very soon rolled out in other countries.

How can I create frames using Facebook Camera Effects Platform?

Creating Frames and uploading them to Facebook is very simple. You can start right away using your favourite design tool. Facebook has provided a Photoshop template to make the designing process easier. Follow these steps to create and upload Facebook Frame:

Design your frame

  1. Start with a new project using your favourite design tool. In my case, its Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Create a new artwork of 2400 X 2400 pixels.
  3. Start Designing your frame.
  4. After designing the frame save each element as separate transparent PNG file. You can do it easily using Slice tool in Photoshop.

    create frame using Facebook Camera Effects Platform
    Credit: Facebook

Uploading the Frame

Till now you have designed the frame and saved the individual elements as transparent PNG images. Next step is to head back to Facebook Camera Effects.

  1. Create new Frame.
  2. Upload the images you saved after designing the frame.
  3. Place the images on the canvas at appropriate locations.
  4. Here you can design your frame and adjust it for various image sizes and orientations.
Camera Effects Add Details
Credits: Facebook

Preview the frame

You can use this to check how your frame looks like in different sizes because photos and videos can be square, portrait or landscape.

Create Frames using Facebook Camera Effects Platform
Credit: Facebook

Add Details and submit for review

Before publishing your Frame you need to add some details like name of the frame and type of the frame (difference between the types is explained below). Once done you need to submit the frame for review which may take up to one week to get approved.

See the frame

After approval, the frame will be available for public use. People can add it to photos and videos they share on Facebook.


After creating and uploading the frame you can track the details of frame usage and have access to its statistics. You can see how your frame is doing with stats like the number of times people used your frame.

Where do these frames appear and how can people use them?

Whey you create Frames using Facebook Camera Effects Platform they will be available to users when they create their profile picture or a video using the Facebook in-app camera.

Types of Frames you can create using Camera Effects

There are two types of frames that you can create:

  1. Location Frames which represent a certain place, location or a landmark.
  2. General Frames represent causes, teams or events. Even they can be used just for fun.

That’s it! Hope you found this tutorial useful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any queries you can comment them below!

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