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Cheap Unlimited 4G data plans

Cheap Unlimited 4G Data Plans – Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone vs Idea

Almost all of us have been experience unlimited calling and data on Jio network for quite a long time now. But, happy days are over. Reliance Jio will no longer be free from April 1 2017. So, do we have any alternatives? What are the cheap unlimited 4G data plans available out there?

Talking of the word ‘unlimited‘, the word doesn’t mean what it actually means when used by telecom operators. When you hear ‘unlimited data‘ or ‘unlimited internet‘, don’t forget to check the terms & conditions.

However, Reliance Jio, to a large extent has provided ‘truly unlimited‘ calls & data services under its free offers.

So, when you ask me what are the alternatives to Reliance Jio which can provide unlimited calling and data after March 31, my answer is:

The best alternative to Reliance Jio (in terms of pricing) after 31st March is the Jio itself.

We have Jio. Do we need alternatives?

We have seen a price war going on in the industry where all the major players like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea & even Reliance communications are trying to match the pricing by Jio. But even after such a cut-throat competition, Reliance Jio is the clear winner in terms of pricing.

But even after such a competitive pricing by Reliance Jio, people are looking for alternatives. That may be the reason, you are currently reading this post.

The main reason for this is the poor quality of service. Yes, as per my opinion Reliance Jio focused to gather more and more customers. They even succeeded in doing that. They crossed the 100 million mark.

But, they failed to provide quality to these 100 million customers. I have experienced a lot of call drop issues on Jio network (although Jio blames other network providers for this). The data speeds are definitely not 4G.

I have experienced 50-60 Mbps data speed under its preview offer. But with growing users, the speed decreased! Even the data published by TRAI proves this.

I feel that many of us faced these issues, but till now, we ignored because it was FREE! But that’s no longer going to be the case. Once they start charging money, we would like to have something in return. We will search for quality. That’s human nature after all!

So, if you also feel that you might require an alternative to Reliance Jio, then here’s a list of cheap unlimited 4G data plans, you can opt for.

#1 Reliance Jio – Rs 303

As I have already said, the best alternative to Reliance Jio is the Reliance Jio itself!

Reliance Jio has some cool plans in terms of pricing and if you subscribe to Jio Prime, you are entitled to great benefits.

There is a common question about Reliance Jio Prime Membership. People ask, should we join Reliance Jio Prime?

My answer would be yes, you should if you use a good amount of 4G data. If you want Jio just for unlimited calling, then you don’t require Jio Prime because every Jio plan comes with unlimited calling.

Since, this post is about cheap unlimited 4G data plans, I would highly recommend to subscribe to Jio prime before March 31 so that you can enjoy unlimited data after March 31st.

[You can also take part in our Reliance Jio Prime Membership Giveaway contest where we will be giving free Jio prime membership to 100 lucky users.]

After you have subscribed to Reliance Jio Prime, the best plan to get unlimited 4G data as well as unlimited calling is Rs 303 plan.

This is the best of the cheap unlimited 4G data plans currently available. Under this plan you get following benefits:

  1. Unlimited Local/STD voice calls to all carriers.
  2. Unlimited SMS (100 SMS/day).
  3. Unlimited data.
  4. 1GB 4G data per day (after 1GB, speed is revised to 128bkps).
  5. Validity: 28 days.

#2 Airtel – Rs 345

To counter Reliance Jio, Airtel has come with a plan which is similar to Reliance Jio 303 plan. Airtel users need to pay Rs 345 (Rs 349 in some regions) to get 1GB daily data with unlimited Local/STD calls to any network. However, the users can use only 500 MB in day and the rest 500 MB can be consumed during night hours.

Here are the plan benefits:

  1. Unlimited Local/STD calls.
  2. 1GB daily 4G data (500MB day + 500MB night).
  3. Validity: 28 days.

Note that this offer will be valid for 12 months only for those users who recharge with Rs 345 (or Rs 349 in some regions) in the month of March. Also, the plan is valid for 4G prepaid-users only.

#3 Vodafone – Rs 346

Another plan which can be added to the list of cheap unlimited 4G data plans is that of the Vodafone. Again, to stay in the competition, Vodafone has also come up with a similar plan which costs Rs 346. Under this plan, Vodafone users get following benefits:

  1. Unlimited Local/STD calls.
  2. 1GB 3G/4G data daily.
  3. Validity: 28 days.

Users who purchase this plan first time will be given double validity as well as double data. This means customers get 1GB of 4G data daily and unlimited calling for 56 days at Rs 346. However, some reports suggest that this offer will be valid only till 15th March.

#4 Idea – Rs 345/Rs 346

Like others, Idea also has come up with a counter plan to Reliance Jio’s Rs 303 plan. Under Rs 345 plan Idea 4G users get following benefits:

  1. Unlimited Local/STD calls.
  2. 500 MB daily 4G data.
  3. Validity: 28 days.

In those regions where Idea 4G is not available, Idea is offering a similar plan to its 3G users. This plan costs Rs 346 and gives following benefits:

  1. Unlimited Local/STD calls.
  2. 1GB daily data.
  3. Validity: 28 days.

But, this plan is reportedly available for only selected users.

To check if you are eligible for this plan, all you need to do is download the “My Idea” app from the Google Play Store, sign in with your Idea number and then head over to the app-exclusive offers section.

You can also dial *121# and see if the offer pops up for you.

Idea unlimited 4G data plan
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So, this brings us to the end of the list of cheap unlimited 4G data plans. If the price war continues, we can hope to see even cheaper plans in the near future.

Comparison of all cheap Unlimited 4G data plans – Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone vs Idea


Unlimited calling

4G Data

Validity (days)


Reliance Jio


1 GB daily


Rs 303



500MB day + 500MB night


Rs 345



1 GB daily


Rs 346

Idea (4G)


500 MB daily


Rs 345

Idea (3G)


1 GB daily


Rs 346

If you know of any other cheap unlimited 4G data plans, you can share them with us in the comments below.

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