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5 Best cashless payment options in india – Go Cashless In India

Are you looking for cashless payment options to go cashless in India? Here are the 5 best cashless payment (transactions) options in India.

Going cashless is trending in India nowadays. Soon after government’s demonetisation move, people started adopting to modern ways of cashless payment options.

There are many cashless payment options available in India. But in this post I will share with you the best 5 cashless payment options that you can use to transact cashless India.

If you are new to cashless transactions, don’t worry. I am here to help you out. Going cashless is awesome. It saves time & the best part of cashless payments are those discounts and cashback.

To promote cashless economy, many cashless transaction providers have started giving out 100% cashback on cashless transactions.

Let us not beat around the bush and get to the point. 

Here goes the list !!!

5 Best cashless payment options in India

  • E Wallets – Paytm, Freecharge etc..
  • UPI – Unified payments Interface Apps
  • Plastic Money – Debit/Credit Cards
  • Net Banking – Online Fund Transfer
  • Aadhaar Card – Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

UPDATE: We have added the recently introduced cashless payment method – IndiaQR to this list.

How these cashless payment options work ?

E Wallets

have become very famous nowadays. After demonetisation, use of e wallets has been implemented at a very large-scale. You might have seen those ‘chai walas’ and other road side vendors accepting Paytm. That is what exactly e wallets are all about. Paytm is an e wallet and there are many others available.

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These e wallets allow users to make payments using your mobile number or by scanning a QR code which takes place in a jiffy. All you need to do is simply download a wallet like paytm.

Now add money to your e wallet. You can add money to you paytm wallet online using debit/credit card/net banking. Also there are physical recharge points available all over India where you can add money to your paytm e wallet.

If you want to get free paytm cash , just click here to learn about to earning free paytm cash online.

There are also many other electornic wallets available in app stores like google play. You can download any of them to make digital payments easily.

They include jio money, vodafone mpesa & airtel money. Even banks have launched their own e wallet apps like State bank buddy and Yes Pay.


also known as Unified Payments Interface is another great way  to go cashless.If you are confused about what unified payments interface is, here I will end it forever. Unified payments interface also called UPI is system of payments. Using unified payments interface, people can transact using their smartphones.To pay using this system called unified payments interface, you need 2 important things: Smartphone and a Bank Account.

Click here to know in detail about this payment option. Also you will find the list of UPI apps that are currently available for smartphones.

Plastic Money

means debit cards and credit cards that are used at ATM’s for cash withdrawal and POS machines while shopping. Having a debit or credit cards make you burden free from carrying cash.

Also risk of theft goes down to zero as it needs a PIN carry out transactions. You don’t need to carry huge amount of cash with you. Just swipe and go. Debit card payments are made through bank account. Bank account gets debited while paying using debit card. But in case of a credit card, it is a monthly postpaid bill payment system that takes place.

Net Banking

is another handy way to get cashless transactions done. All you need is a bank account with e banking facility enabled on it. You can transfer funds to others account from the  comfort of your home. There is no need of going to your bank to get transfers done. You can make all payments and transfers yourself. This is a very convenient way to go cashless in India as well.

Aadhaar Card enabled payment system

allows a person to pay using his aadhaar card if it is linked to his bank account. Once you link your aadhaar card to your bank, you can make payments using your finger prints. READ FULL HERE :  How To Pay Using Aadhar Card – Make Aadhaar Enabled Payments


IndiaQR is a QR code which stores the bank details of a merchant which can be scanned by a smartphone to transfer a certain amount to merchant’s account. All this is done by a smartphone app developed for this purpose. This system replaces the need of having POS machines to accept payments by credit or debit cards. This system has been developed jointly by Mastercard Inc, Visa and RuPay.

Suppose you visit a merchant and you need to pay for goods or services. You have a credit/debit card belonging to Mastercard, Visa, RuPay or American Experess network but the merchant doesn’t have a POS machine where you can swipe the card. Now due to introduction of IndiaQR, the merchant doesn’t necessarily need to buy a POS machine. The merchant just needs a unique QR code which can be scanned by customer to transfer a specific amount directly to merchant’s bank account.

If you have any questions about above mentioned cashless payment options in India, write them in comments below. I will get back to your queries as quick as possible.

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