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Buy Reliance Jio Sim Online

Buy Reliance Jio Sim Online – Is It Really Possible?

UPDATE: At the time of writing this post, it was not possible to buy Reliance Jio Sim Online, but now you can get your Reliance Jio sim card delivered to your home and update if within 5 minutes using e-KYC.

Friends there are a lot of people looking out how to buy reliance jio sim online. There are some websites claiming to provide you with such service. They ask for your Email & Mobile number. And many people have already submitted their personal details on such websites. But I want to tell those people who are yet to share their details to order jio sim online. Please don’t submit your details on any suh website. BECAUSE THEY ARE FAKE !

Yes ! All those websites claiming to deliver you a jio sim card at your door step are fake.

As of now there is no formal announcement from relaince jio about selling their sim cards online. Even the stock is out at most of the Reliance digital stores. They are not able to handle the huge rush of customers comming in at their physical stores.

Why you should not share your details such sites which are making this offer to buy reliance jio sim online ?

  • The information you submit can be used to spam your inbox. They can send you annoying messages and calls at the email and number provided.
  • If you submit your documents online, there are chances of those getting mishandled. Your documents could be used for any illegal, unlawful purpose without even your knowledge. Like if you submit your identity proof, they can use it to buy a sim  card for their own use. You never know what kind of purpose it will be used for. This is just a small thing yet to be very much worried about. There are many other unimaginable crimes that can be done, if you share your very personal details to any unauthentic party.

Better is to be on safe side. Don’t fall prey to such people. I will never recommend you to share your information on any such website.

For now jio is not providing any online selling of sims. In case, they do in future, I will update you as soon as possible. If you still have any questions, feedback, please write them down below in comments. I will get back to you soon. You can also contact me on Facebook & Instagram.



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