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Blogging In 2018 – How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online

Blogging in 2018 can be a good career option. Are you thinking of starting a blog and start earning money online but you don’t know where to start? If your answer is yes, then continue reading this post.

Hello Friends!

Every new year comes with some new goals and resolutions. Is your new year resolution is to start a blog and make money online?

If yes!

You are at the right place.

In this post, I will tell you everything you need to start a blog in 2018 and make money. Blogging in 2018 could be both fun and challenge. But if you take every step after proper planning, blogging in 2018 could be one of the best decisions you would take.

Before I tell you what all you need to get started with blogging in 2018, you should know is blogging really for you?

Should I start Blogging in 2018

Let me answer this question very straight. If you are person who wants to start a blog and make money overnight, blogging is not for you.


You read it right. To start a blog, you need to be patient enough. Starting a blog is not the real part. The real story begins after this.

Before I say anything else, I want to make it clear that I am not trying to demotivate anyone. But this is very important for those think blogs grow very fast.

Yes! Definitely every blog taken care of well one day grows big. So be positive, enthusiastic & patient while starting a blog.

If you have these qualities, you are good to go.

Blogging In 2018 – Things to consider before starting a Blog

You don’t want to get up and start a blog straight away! There are a lot of things that you need to consider before actually starting a blog. Here are some of the those things:

  1. Identify Your Niche: Now that you have decided to start a blog you need to define what you are going to write about. There are two options – either write what you know or write what people are looking for. But! both are not right options to start with.Combine both of them – write something that people are looking for and what you know about.
  2. Choose a good name: Once you are done with the niche selection, next most important step is to choose a good name for your blog. Make sure that your name uniquely identifies your blog objective. You can’t name your blog “Tom’s Kitchen” and publish articles about “fitness and workout”. That’s a bit exaggerated but I hope you got my point! Before finalising the name make sure that the name is not being used by some other blog, website, company or product. A simple google search can do the job!
  3. Define a strategy and choose your budget: You are now almost ready to start a blog but before doing that spend some time defining your strategy. By strategy I mean your timetable, your team roles (if you have a team) and most important – your budget. Although for the beginning you don’t require a very hefty amount.

Blogging In 2018 – What I need to start a blog?

I am sure till now you must have understood that to start a money-making blog you need to be determined, passionate and patient. These were the qualities that you and/or your team must possess as individuals.

You need something more than these. Here are the three basic and most important things you need.

1. Domain Name

Domain name is an address of a website on the internet e.g, for Google and for our website TheTechpert. As you have already chosen a name for your blog, you need to book a domain name for the same. For example, this blog can be accessed using the domain name

 You can easily book a domain name by paying around $8-$10 per year to a domain name registrar. I know you must be thinking that there are many providers that give a domain name for free but then free domains are mostly used by spammers and even if you publish good content you may not rank higher in search results.

That’s why I recommend you that if you want to earn money from your blog, you should consider spending some money. This can be considered as an investment.

But keep in mind – Don’t spend too much in the beginning!

2. Hosting Provider

For your blog to be visible to people all over the globe, it needs to be hosted somewhere. If you don’t know what that means let me explain it in simple terms.

Internet is a very large interconnection of various machines which communicate with each other. Every machine has a network address known as IP address which uniquely identifies a machine on a network. The IP address is usually in the form of numbers like 

But it is not possible to remember these IP addresses. Just imagine, if you had to remember to access Google and to access Facebook and similar IP addresses to access your favourite sites!

You must be wondering – what’s the difference between domain name and IP address then?

You are right! I said both are addresses. In simple terms, domain name is a memorable form of an IP address. Every domain name is converted to its corresponding IP address when accessed, by a process known as Domain Name Resolution. This is achieved by using a special server known as Domain Name Server (DNS). But let’s not go into technical details for now.

The main motive of this discussion was that to make your blog visible to outside world you need a server space where you can host your blog. This hosting will be accessible using a domain name as explained above.

Now, to obtain a hosting you need to register with some hosting provider. Usually hosting providers also allow you to book a domain. I recommend you to book your hosting and domain from a single provider as it makes the setup and management easier. 

Again, don’t go for free hosting!

 Free hosts give a limited bandwidth and you don’t want your site to go down when a good amount of visitors access your site. And as it is said, nothing is free! Free hosts place ads on your site to recover their costs. This decreases site usability and user experience.

Now coming to the most important question – How much you need to pay for hosting? To begin with you can get a decent hosting plan for around $20 per year. Most of the hosts provide an option to upgrade your plan as your traffic grows.

Here are two hosting providers you can consider to start your blog with:

  1. GoDaddy
  2. BlueHost

3. Content Management System

If you are not a developer and don’t know how to code, you don’t need to worry about building your blog. There are many content management systems that you just need to install and start publishing. You don’t necessarily require to have programming or designing knowledge! However, coding knowledge is a plus point.

If you are a developer and want to design and develop your blog all from scratch, its good but I recommend you to choose a content management system to start with. This will save your time and efforts and you can directly start from a higher level.

There are many content management systems out there but then if you want to start a blog like this one, then I recommend you to use WordPress which is popular, easy-to-use and user-friendly. As per my opinion WordPress is the best platform for beginners.

Now if you do a little bit of google search you will come across two kinds of WordPress blogs. These are WordPress hosted and self-hosted. The difference between the two is that for WordPress hosted blog you just need to visit and register to start publishing online. You don’t need any hosting service. Your blog will be hosted by WordPress.

But in case of self-hosted WordPress blog you need to place the WordPress files on your web hosting account to start blogging. You can download the latest version of WordPress from This may be a bit harder to set up but nowadays hosting service providers offer one-click WordPress installs or hosting services dedicated to WordPress only. This makes it much easier to set up.

Which one is better?

Self-hosted WordPress blog offers you a higher level of customisation. You can add functionalities in the form of plugins and you can even edit the code to fit your requirements.

How to make money online with your blog?

Making money online is fun. Especially when you start a blog of your interest. After you are done with your blog setup, it is obvious you would want this blog to generate some revenue for you.

If you looking for ways to monetize your blog and earn money, here are two ways to get started. I used both  of them when I started my blogging career and both worked fine for me.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an ad network which allows publishers to make money from their blogs/websites. You have to display google ads on your blog and more the traffic you can drive to your blog, more money you will make.

Although there are many other third-party ad networks but I recommend google Adsense for beginners. It is better than most of the other ad networks out there.

How much you will earn using Adsense on your blog?

There is no limit to earn using Adsense on your blog. All you need is some quality traffic coming to your blog. To drive quality traffic, you need quality content on your blog that will satisfy the readers.

If readers are happy with your content, they tend to read your content for longer and even return back to your blog. This makes google realise that your content is worth promoting and ranks your blog higher in google search.


If you have a questions like this in your mind. How much money you will exactly earn?  Or how much money will you make for 1000 views on your blog?

Here is a very simple answer.

It depends!

Yes! It depends on many factors. For example the niche you have selected. How much an advertiser is paying for the ad and which country your blog is getting traffic from.

Traffic from countries like US & UK will make you earn more while as countries like India, Pakistan & Nepal will make less money comparatively.


You don’t need to target always countries like US & UK. If you have enough traffic from other countries like India & Pakistan you will be still making decent bucks.

Many people have a misconception that for every 1000 views bloggers earn $1. Although I don’t know where from this hypothetical calculation came from.


For sure I can say it may be an assumption but not an accurate calculation to believe in. It means only getting views don’t matter.

Then what else matters?

  • CTR
  • CPC

What is CTR?

How many people click on your ads matter. You earn money when people click on your ads. Click through rate is the percentage of people who actually click on ads (ad clicks) with respect to total number of people who saw the ad (ad impressions). To make it simple:

CTR = (ad clicks/ad impressions) * 100

What is CPC?

CPC means cost per click. How much an advertiser pay for every valid click on the ad displayed on your blog/website. It simply means higher the cost per click higher will be your earnings.

In short!

Here is what I mean. If you are a new blogger or have recently started blogging in 2018 you can use Adsense as your primary source of income.

Affiliate marketing

Selling someone elses product or service for a commission or fee means affiliate marketing. When your blog starts getting a decent traffic you can join any affiliate program related to your blog and earn money for every sale made through your blog.

There are many affiliate programs available like amazon affiliates which allows you to add product banner and links on your blog and make money online.

Affiliate commission may vary from different platforms and products.

Blogging In 2018 – 7 Useful Tips To Be A Successful Blogger


Writing search engine friendly articles is very important. Learn some basics of search engine optimization to get ranked high google search.

Social Presence

Having a social presence is very important nowadays. Be active on various social platforms like Facebook, twitter & Instagram.

Don’t Copy

Never do copy pasting job. It will be not worth spending time on. Write your own unique content. Content is the king. Your content should be unique and informational that it satisfies the readers need.

Reply Comments

Always reply to comments. Replying to comments is a great way to create an audience connect. It builds trust and makes your loyal readers come back to see what’s new you have posted.

Be Consistent

Starting a money-making blog needs consistency. The more consistently you write your blog, more rich and valuable your blog will become. This makes google think you have answer to many such queries people are looking for, making your blog rank high in search engines.

Make it Simple

Simplicity is the best. Be very simple and clear what you want to convey. Have a clean and simple interface on your blog. This makes your blog load faster decreasing load time and making your blog more optimized.

Take criticism Positively

When you start with blogging as career, get ready to face criticism. There will be many people criticizing you to demean & demotivate you. But in order to start blogging in 2018 you need to be strong enough against negative feedback.Use this criticism to grow bigger and better by each day.

That’s it!

You are now ready to start your own blog and make money online. Blogging in 2018 will be surely fun. Go get started with your blog and make money online.

Don’t forget to give me your feedback. Just write down below in the comments if you still have any questions about getting started with blogging in 2018.

Zaid Moharkan

Tech Enthusiast, Programmer and a Computer Science Student. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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