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Announcements from the Blackberry Launch Event Live!

Blackberry is going to live stream its press conference at MWC 2017 being held at Barcelona, Spain. The live event is about to start. You can follow this page for live updates. You can follow all the announcements from the Blackberry launch event live on this page.

(Refresh this page to see the updates)

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11:25 PM IST: Waiting for the live stream to start.

11:26 PM IST: The stream will start in 4 minutes.

11:28 PM IST: Live Stream starts in 2 minutes.

11:30 PM IST: Live Stream expected to start anytime soon.

11:32 PM IST: Still waiting for the live stream to start.

11:35 PM IST: Live stream has just started but at a different address.

11:38 PM IST: No announcements till now, the event is yet to start.

11:52 PM IST: Expected to start in a few moments.

11:53 PM IST: The event has started.

11:55 PM IST: The live stream was interrupted!

12:01 PM IST: Live stream back again!

12:04 PM IST: The phone will be called Blackberry KeyOne.

12:05 PM IST: 3505 mAh Battery.

12:05 PM IST: Turbo charge battery using Boost – Max  charge in minimum time.

12:06 PM IST: All inboxes within a single interface.

12:09 PM IST:  Snapdragon 625 Processor giving 2x performance. 50% charge in 36 minutes, 4X faster charge. X9 ultra modem – 2X download speeds, better network coverage.

12:13 PM IST: Security Features

DTEK by Blackberry allows making adjustments to choose how secure the phone should be.
-Users can customise security settings.
-Ensuring company data protection as well as private data protection.

12:14 PM IST: Launch Date and Availability

Starting in April, people can buy Blackberry KeyOne around the Globe.

Price: $549

New website, launched to stay updated about this phone.

12:17 PM IST: The live stream has ended!

Watch the live stream here:

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