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Bharat Bill Payment System

What is Bharat Bill Payment System And How to Use It

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) has been finally launched after being tested since August 2016. This post will explain what is Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), how to use it and who will be benefited by it.

What is Bharat Bill Payment System?

Bharat Bill Payment System is an integrated bill payment system. This system uses a network of agents to make any kind of bill payment easy and possible. The system also provides various bill payment options.

Why was BBPS needed? As we know that India is a very large country with a huge population. Most of the population (almost all!) has to pay various kinds bills. According to information available on the RBI website, the top 20 cities are generating INR 6,223 billion in bill payments every year over 70% of which are predominantly carried out by cash or cheques. Apart from this most of the people in this country depend on biller-specific payment of bills and the modes of payments are also limited. These opportunities led various organisations including NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) to aggregate various billers to provide single platform for all bill payments.

What can be BBPS used For?

The main aim of BBPS is to make general payments like utility bills easy. These include common bills like telecom bills, water and DTH. But the service might be expanded to include school and university fee, municipality taxes, mutual funds etc. But these need clearances from RBI.

Who will be benefited by Bharat Bill Payment System?

Both the customers as well as service providers shall be benefited by BBPS.

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Benefits To Customers:

  1. Anywhere and anytime bill payment.
  2. Retail points will accept all kinds of bill payments from customers.
  3. Bill payment can be made using various cashless options.
  4. All the bills can be paid securely using NPCI network with instant receipt generation.

Benefits to Service Providers:

  1. Service providers can get payments instantly.
  2. Bills can be generated and disbursed electronically.
  3. BBPS platform provides fraud monitoring and risk mitigation systems.

The Bharat Bill Payment System is may be rolled out next month with the aim of making digital payments for rural people easy and providing them a single place to pay for all the government utility payments.


BBPS will be run by authorised Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit (BBPCU) which will be responsible for setting up standards, procedures and rules. According to the details, NPCI is one of the Central Units, and it has invited existing bill aggregators and banks to take on the role of Operating Unit (BBPOU).

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