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Being Smart Mobile Phone Brand By Salman Khan To Hit The Market Soon

Salman Khan, has registered a new mobile phone brand Being Smart .Salman khan is a well-known Indian celebrity and owner of a very reputed clothing brand Being Human.

Being Smart mobile phones by Salman Khan will be launched in India soon. This new smartphone brand will compete against chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Oppo.

Salman has approached several investors for his venture and is building an operational management team that may be headed by an executive with leadership experience in Samsung and Micromax.

Salman Khan is well-known for his charitable nature. His being human foundation carries out social work, donations and charities for needy.

According to some reports, Being Smart Mobile Phones will be similar to his exiting venture like Being Human foundation. The proceeds from the venture will be directed to charity and social work carried out by Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation.

Although more details about Salman Khan’s new venture Being Smart are yet to be out. Which OS Being Smart Phones will run on or what specifications they may come up with. All such details are not yet out but we can expect mid range smartphones from BeingSmart mobile brand.

But reports suggest proceeds from this Salman’s new mobile brand will be directed to social work and this new mobile phone brand will compete Chinese manufacturers like Oppo and Xiaomi.

Indian mobile market is right now, the third largest in the world, and new mobile phone brands are trying to penetrate Indian market to make profits.

Brands like, Lenovo, Samsung, Apple, Oppo and Vivo are leading the Offline market and and Online space is being lead by Moto, Xiaomi, Le-Eco and OnePlus.

But if Being Smart Mobile Phone brand by Salman Khan manages to get investors and team on board, his followers will be first to buy and experience the new range of Being Smart phones.

My Opinion About Being Smart Mobile Brand by Salman Khan

As mobile brand is expected to compete chinese brands like Oppo and Xiaomi, they need to have a very competitive pricing over existing player. If they manage to do so, Being Smart mobile brand may be able to capture the market share shortly because of the fan following, competitive pricing, phones with full packed specs and mostly his generous behavior of making charities he does out of profits he make out of his ventures.

So what are your views about Salman Khan’s new mobile phone brand. Will this Being Smart phone brand  capture the market share? Let us know in the comments below.

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